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British design is among the best in the world. That's why our UK-based, in-house team design all the products that Dunster House sell online or at one of our sites. By making use of some of the best available expertise, you get to enjoy innovative garden buildings designed to last.


Our experienced CAD design team

Computer Aided Design (CAD) programmes are more commonly used within aerospace and car design. But our experienced team use CAD programmes to design our garden buildings, as we feel it gives us more flexibility and control over every area of the design process.  

From concept to modification, we apply a hands-on approach to the development of each product. This way we can create higher quality and more reliable products, as design improvements are well thought out and easier to incorporate.

we design


Materials and features

We also ensure our designs use materials that provide high-quality, reliable products which offer you exceptional value. For example, we only ever use full lengths of timber, we never use finger jointed timber (glued together offcuts), to ensure the products are strong. We also pressure treat timber in many of our products to ensure they are durable.


We have maintained a constant presence in our market and have acted upon the feedback of our customers over the years. During the design process we never forget about including features you want to help create the garden environment you've always desired. Most of our log cabins allow you to choose different glazing and insulation options. Whilst many of our products are available with a range of extras, so you have the flexibility to create your ideal level of garden luxury and comfort.


Prototyping and rigorous testing

To ensure that you don't end up the guinea pig, we build prototypes of all our products and test them to make sure they'll withstand practical use. This process can be time-consuming, and sometimes results in us going back to the drawing board, but we feel the results prove its worth.

If you would like to have a look at our product prototype gallery, click here.


To find out more about the products and design features crafted from our design process, click on a category above and start browsing our products.




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