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    fully insulated
    The Warmalog is fully insulated, promoting heat retention and saving you money on your heating bills. For example, roof insulation prevents heat rising and escaping. We always supply Polyurethane insulation, a far better insulator than rockwool or polystyrene. We use 30mm thick polyurethane insulation, sealing off the building from the elements to help save energy. The Warmalog achieves a low ‘U’ value of 0.59, which is a great score which shows its insulation efficiency.
    avoid planning permission
    The Avon Warmalog is under 2.5m high, meaning under permitted development rights it can be placed as close as you want to a boundary (e.g. fence line) without planning permission. Customers often worry about planning permission before adding anything to their garden. Some garden buildings can be difficult to get planning permission for but the majority of our garden buildings do not need permission, saving you both time and money.  If you want to find out more about permitted development rights see our planning guide
    toughened glass
    We use 4mm toughened glass in our windows and doors for increased safety and security. It is much more difficult to scratch or bend than the plastic alternatives, such as styrene, acrylic and Perspex, so will preserve your clear view out for far longer. It is also a lot harder to break than normal glass, and if it is ever broken it is designed to shatter into many small pieces, rather than scattering dangerous shards everywhere.
    24mm double glazing
    The Warmalog comes complete with 24mm sealed units for increased insulation. It is an excellent way of insulating your Warmalog and extending its usage from a seasonal building to one that can be used throughout the year. The double glazing also offers you better sound dampening than single glazing. The sealed units are made by ourselves to European Standard EN1279 and are made up of two sheets of 4mm toughened glass and a 16mm spacer.
    slow-grown spruce
    We use slow grown spruce throughout our Warmalog as it is a superior timber to the commonly used timber pine. Spruce is less porous than pine and so less likely to shrink, warp or split. It is also a less resinous timber, which makes the possibility of sap ruining your clothes or furnishings much less likely. We only select slowly grown timber from colder climates which also helps keep the timber more stable as the rings are densely packed. 
    pressure treated bearers
    The Avon Warmalog features pressure treated floor bearers. The treatment, applied by us, ensures that the bearers arrive at your door already prepared. We guarantee that the pressure treated timber will remain free from rot and insect infestation for up to 10 years, with no need to annually re-treat. These are the parts of the cabin most at risk from damp conditions, so it's good to know they are well-protected! 
    10 year guarantee
    Our Warmalog cabins come with a genuine 10-year Guarantee against rot and insect infestation for our pressure treated timber. Other companies claim that they offer a 10-year Guarantee on their timber. If you read the small print, you'll find that these guarantees are pointless. They cover the cabin against rot and insect infestation only if you the customer, treat the cabin every year with a good quality preservative. Our floor bearers arrive at your door already treated.
    tall walkthrougH height
    The Avon Warmalog features extra tall doors to allow you to move awkward objects or furniture in and out of your new cabin with ease. The tall walkthrough height of 1.82m (5’11’’) minimises the chance of bumping your head. 
    avoid sagging roof
    The Avon Warmalog features heavy duty 140mm deep by 45mm wide supporting roof beams in order to prevent unsightly sagging.
    4-point locking system
    Windows and doors are at the heart of your Wamalog’s security, and we design ours to ensure that only welcome visitors can enter your cabin. The Warmalog features our four-point locking system: a hook, locking latch and two roller cams. We combine this with a 6 pin Euro cylinder, the same type of lock cylinder  you would find on a modern domestic door.
    adjustable hinges and friction stays
    Heavy duty easy-adjust hinges are used for our Warmalog doors, to allow adjustments to be made if necessary. We also include domestic friction stays for the windows, so that you can open your window and the friction stay will hold it open, just like uPVC windows in most homes. This gives you a window that is far easier and quick to use than a traditional stay-arm.
    storm braces
    To control natural expansion and contraction in the timber, the Warmalog features steel straps on the inside and outside of the cabin known as storm braces, Secured by screws and bolts, these braces are adjusted to spread the timber's natural movement equally across a much larger area, thus avoiding the worst effects of localised expansion and contraction within the wood. 

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Get your money’s worth and make full use of your Log Cabin all year round! With our revolutionary new combination of wall, floor and roof insulation, it’s easy to maintain your cabin at a comfortable temperature for use whenever you need it! Our insulated Warmalog cabin has a Triple Tongue and Groove 62mm sandwich of timber and polyurethane insulation. As a result, it has a specification better than any comparable solid wall log competitor, and is keenly priced for all your needs. Another exciting and innovative product from Dunster House!

You will need a solid concrete base that is square and level to allow you to build this successfully. We recommend a base of 3.0m x 3.2m for the Avon Warmalog. The only extras needed are a superior quality light coloured 'Barn' paint for the exterior, as well as a clear silicone sealer for the joints. These are available from your local decorator supplies.

Of course, it's not just the walls. Warmalog Cabins are insulated in all directions. The floor has a 50mm thick insulated structure, the roof is 60mm (also insulated) and the windows are made of 4mm toughened glass in a 24mm-thick Double Glazed unit. Thanks to these and other heat-conscious design details, these Warmalog cabins achieve a U value of 0.59. This means that you can feel confident your cabin will remain cool in the warm months and warm in the cool months.

This quality garden timber building is suitable for a variety of purposes, such as a home office, a music room, gym or even a bar. Whether it's extra space to work in, or for working out, or for any other special purpose, it's good to know that the seasons will not limit the use of your great new garden building! Strong and sturdy, the Warmalog has secure Espagnolette Multi-Point locking systems on its large windows and wide-opening French Doors. The roof is strengthened by larger Purlins, and pressure treated floor bearers are included. 

The Warmalog is easy for home owners to assemble. Log Cabins will never be the same again!


Ideal for a Home Office, Play Room, Man Cave, Gym, Summer House. Beauty Parlour, Kids Playroom, Therapy Room, Music Room, Teenage Den, Workshop, Pool House, Home Cinema, Art and Painting Studio, or just fit it out with a bar and fridge with some chairs and tables for pleasant relaxing times with your friends and family. Their uses are limitless!


You will need to prepare a solid concrete base that is square and level to allow you to build this insulated log cabin successfully on your property.

We recommend a base of:
3.0m x 3.2m for the Avon Warmalog
3.0m x 6.0m for the Avon Extended Warmalog
4.0m x 3.2m for the Rhine Warmalog
4.0m x 6.0m for the Rhine Extended Warmlog
5.0m x 3.2m for the Severn Warmalog.
5.0m x 6.0m for the Severn Extended Warmalog

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