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    Climbing Frames Tested For Safety
    Climbing Frames Safety As Standard
    Safety as standard
    Our entire range is independently tested to comply with European Safety Standard EN71 and are CE rated. It really is better to be safe than sorry!
    Climbing Frame 10 Year Timber Guarantee
    Climbing Frame 10 Year Timber Guarantee II
    10 year timber guarantee
    All of the timber in this Climbing Frame or Play House has been pressure treated to ensure it lasts. Unlike some competition, we can offer a genuine 10 year guarantee against wood-eating fungal and insect infestation in pressure treated timber. We’ve also tested our treated timber to the European safety standard EN71-3 to ensure that the chemicals are safe to use on children’s products.
    Climbing Frame Metal Ground Anchors
    Climbing Frame Metal Ground Peg
    Metal Ground Anchors
    Unlike the pegs that some other companies use to secure their play systems, we sell galvanised metal ground anchors with large diameter metal discs. These ground anchors either come included with the product or can be bought separately. They will be buried in the ground and should provide a solid foundation for your play system. If you find that your compacted soil is not stable enough then the ground anchors can be concreted in with no damage to the material.
    Climbing Frame 10mm Rope On Swings
    Climbing Frame 10mm Rope On Swings II
    10mm Rope on Swings
    We don't use metal chain links which can rust and risk trapping little fingers and hair. Our accessories use 10mm thick rope, pre-assembled with welded plastic joints and are height adjustable.
    Climbing Frame Comfortable Swings
    Climbing Frame Comfortable Swings II
    Comfortable Swings
    Our seats are made from moulded thick plastic that doesn't sacrifice comfort or durability.
    Climbing Frame High Quality Accessories Buzz Pack
    Climbing Frame High Quality Accessories Double Ended Swing Seat
    High Quality Accessories - Optional
    We don't offer cheap flimsy accessories, unlike some competitors. Our climbing frame accessories are all designed for strength and manufactured to a high quality standard.
    Climbing Frame Professional Quality Climbing Stones Climbing Wall
    Climbing Frame Professional Quality Climbing Stones
    Professional Quality Climbing Stones
    Moulded plastic climbing stones can crack - that's why we don't use them! We only use professional grade materials, as seen on proper climbing walls!
    Climbing Frames Rounded Safety Caps
    Climbing Frames Rounded Safety Caps II
    Rounded Safety Caps
    Nuts and bolts are safely covered up with plastic caps for added protection against knocks, bumps and to prevent catching clothing.
    Climbing Frames Childrens Slide Set
    Climbing Frames Garden Slide Material
    Extra Thick Slides
    Our plastic slides are thicker and more durable than any other residential plastic slides on the market. You don't even need to build them! Ours are one single piece of plastic rather than a kit of separate parts.
    Climbing Frames Swing Set Clamp Hooks
    Climbing Frames Clamp Style Swing Hooks
    Clamp Style Swing Hooks
    Our hooks are specially designed to wrap around the timber to help reinforce it. The other type of swing hook that some competitors use is a simple bolt which is drilled through the middle of the timber and can weaken the timber over time as the swing moves back and forth. Our clamp style swing hooks add strength and safety.
    Climbing Frames Strong Braces
    Climbing Frames Strong Braces II
    Strong braces
    To ensure a really solid structure we use multiple braces for added strength. We also prefer to use bolts, rather than screws, at key stress points and even pre-drill these holes to help you get the positioning exactly right and save you time.
    Climbing Frames Fixing Pack
    Climbing Frames Fixings Included
    Free fixing pack
    We include all of the screws, nails and fixings needed to put your Climbing Frame together, not everyone is that thoughtful! So there's no need to worry about the type of screws, or length of nails etc you might need to get started, it's all there in the pack!

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We offer this service on all items that are delivered, we do not offer this on our couriered products. Prices for this service can be found on individual products.

Should you require further information on our standard or assisted delivery services, please contact a member of our Sales Team.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

BalconyFort Searcher W4.7m x D3.8m

The image above shows a brief reference to how your products will arrive. All of our garden buildings are made from kiln dried quality graded timber, if it is to be stored prior to construction and treatment all parts must be covered to prevent moisture from warping and rotting the timber.

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Average Seller Rating:

Never bought a play/climbing frame before. The materials were excellent quality, construction was very easy and delivery was extremely quick, even before Christmas. Would definitely recommend this supplier.
By - Nigel Mould on Dec 28,17

Our two children (5 and 3) absolutely love their climbing frame! They are out playing on it for hours. The balcony is fantastic as they have a great view over the garden and hop fields (and pretend they are pirates!). There is also plenty of room there for them to put some of their toys. The slide is the perfect size and is slippery enough to give them a thrill everytime they go down it. My 5 year old has mastered the monkey bars and my youngest can easily get up the steps to the balcony on her own. She's a little bit too small to try the monkey bars but it won't be long until she can. The swings are perfect and they love being able to swing at the same time. Underneath is a little area that they treat as their 'den' which also shelters them from any rain that is lurking . It took my husband only a few days to put up (on his own I must add - although he does think he's the incredible hulk!), and we couldn't be more pleased with our purchase.
By - Bethany Fernihough on Aug 19,17

Excellent quality product. Very helpful staff. I needed the climbing frame delivered to my granddaughters which is not the address of my credit card. I couldn't believe it when it was ready fir delivery in 3 days!!!! Marvellous thank you dunster my granddaughter is a happy little girl.
By - Sue Brewerton on May 20,17

Excellent product - very high quality and the kids love it. Looks awesome. However, it needs professional help to build - it's basically a pile of wood, with no holes drilled or marked. A good drill and wide selection of tools is essential. Time to build around 25 man-hours.
By - Mark Willoams on May 09,17

My kids love this fort, good instructions, easy to build , very well made looks great ,
By - Mark Tyrrell on Apr 25,17

We ordered the balconyfort searcher after looking around for a climbing frame for a long time that needed to tick lots of boxes.. it had to be good value for money, robust and suitable to last a 6/7 year old for a good few years and still be able to entertain him! We have to say we are so happy with the model that we opted for and have been really impressed with absolutely everything.. customer services, the super duper speedy delivery, the lovely helpful delivery guy and the overall quality is fantastic!! The instructions are easy to follow and they even arrived packed beautifully! We were also able to purchase extras at a very treasonable price to add that extra touch, like a pirate flag and a name plaque. You can also buy additional swings, ropes etc. If you wanted a bit of variety or if you have a younger child that needs a baby swing that just clip on and off as easy as anything but are totally safe and totally brilliant ideas!! We can not thank Dunsters enough for a great addition to the garden and for providing our son with what willl be hours of fun and good old fashioned climbing, swinging and hiding out in his den using his imagination!
By - Zoe Cleaver on Apr 25,17

Now that Spring is here our7 year old Is loving his new climbing fort with slide and swings . It's Awesome and he's out on it everyday and can't wait for his friends to come over to play with him. Good and sturdy.
By - Theresa Kennedy Kennedy on Mar 28,17

The Balcony Fort searcher was the only choice for my family. I have three boys 4 and under, so thought carefully about what kind of frame to get. The balcony feature is really what sold it to me as our field looks out towards a valley and you really get a sense that this is a defence post or watch tower incase of enemy attacks - I felt that the potential for such role play would be very much heightened by this aspect... and immediately my eldest once on the open balcony began interacting with the landscape by inventing a game of 'defend the tower', and soon the others joined in. At the time of writing this I have constructed the tower element and need to construct the monkey bars and side ladder but can already see how much of a benefit this frame will have on my childens physical and emotional development. At £600 I think this is a bargain. It's bigger than I thought and extremely well made. It has been a real labour of love. I perhaps underestimated the amount of time needed to put this up but as it takes shape and the build nears completion I feel a tremendous pride in building this for my children. I've managed most of this my self but had to have help in joining the 4 posts to the deck, moving it into place, the roof installation is easy enough but requires two and it really does help to have an extra eye to keep levels straight or even to pass the correct component to you. So you have to construct everything yourself apart from the roof and floors x 2. I'd have been happier if the ladder, lower side panels and balcony sides had been pre made but there is probably several reasons why they are not, it just requires a competent level of skill to make them. My installation was made more difficult as I have set it in a sloping field so had to make some calculations and dig a 17cm to 0cm foundatoion over 1000mmx1000mm to ensure a level field, but once done and all screwed in, it really is a solid structure. So to conclude, I would recommend this beautiful frame without hesitation but allow yourself plenty of time to plan and execute the installation. Go for it...
By - William Gurney on Mar 16,17

We are really pleased with our purchase. Thank you Dunster house.
By - Tammie Daniells on Jul 19,16

I have to say this is the best investment I've made for my two very energetic boys. After looking around at lots of places (after going through 4 cheap swing sets in the last 7 years!) I decided on Dunster House due to the quality and style. I managed to build the climbing frame 99% by myself (and I'm female!). It took a day and another evening finishing off. My boys aged 5 and 8 absolutely love it! They've had hours of fun already and are out on it at every opportunity. We purchased additionally the ships wheel and periscope to aid imaginative play. Highly recommended to all!
By - Emma Critch on Jun 25,16

Thank-you to all at Dunster house for such a great climbing frame, delivered by a friendly driver and ably offloaded and I'm pleased to say an incredibly easy build process. Everything has been meticulously packed and labelled, the instructions are incredibly easy to follow and all in well written English. Each piece of timber is perfectly cut and where predrilled all goes together very well. Armed with a decent screwdriver you'll have this built in a few hours - one charge of a 10.8V battery easily did the whole thing in a day. The finished article had my children giggling ecstatically within minutes and I know it's going to be a huge hit with them for years. I'm so delighted to have made the right decision and buy from Dunster, my only wish would be for a precut piece of timber (was it 64mm wide?) to do the spacing on the steps rather than having to make one myself, but that's it!
By - Roderic Davies on Jun 13,16

Very nice, children love it. Delivery on time men very helpful But buy from you again
By - Valerie Squies on Jun 07,16

A wonderful product. Well built, easy to construct and very quick delivery. Overall very happy (as are the kids)
By - Sam Ahned on May 10,16

Amazing, service, amazing delivery, amazing product (although took some serious diy skills to erect!!) Kids are in love with it and I can't get them off it!!
By - claire briggs on Feb 02,16

This is an excellent product, I would recommend it happily - very good value when you realise the volume of parts and wood involved. It's well designed the wood seems sturdy and I expect it will last well. It looks great and fits into the natural surroundings effectively due to the green and brown colourings. My daughter loves it and demands to be released into the garden to play on it even though the weather is miserable! Just bear in mind this is a major undertaking to built this yourself. It requires a decent level of diy/carpentry skill (definitely more than assembling an Ikea wardrobe for example). You need power drills, power screwdrivers (probably around 300 screws) and some other tools. The instructions recommend 2 people but one person can do 95% of it, I would say it's 15-20 hours solid work. The instructions are good but it's still easy to make mistakes if you are not experienced. It would help if the wood came with a few more predrilled holes (or at least marker holes) as the measuring and drilling yourself is difficult to do precisely.
By - Harry Manisty on Dec 12,15

Great climbing frame, very sturdy and will hopefully stand the test of time. One point, the delivery man that stated it would take one person four hours to assemble was either sniffing illegal substances or hidden beneath his coat he had four sets of hands and a bionic, superman body with feet that could grip and drill all at the same time.
By - Bill ANDREW on Dec 08,15

We decided to go for the Balcony version for the extra floor space and it was well worth it. Overall very happy with the product, delivery was well organised and the package came well packed. All the timber was in perfect order with no damaged or warped bits, plus all lengths were cut to the exact mm!. The build was pretty straight forward with no complicated bits, instructions were easy to follow. I did however build it in parts in the garage as i found it useful to have a level floor to work on, that way everything went together square, i think if it was built on an un-even lawn some bits may not fit together to well. When i assembled the roof i noticed that there was no ridge piece in the plans for the peak of the roof to finish it of, so i made my own from a right-angled length of timber and oil stained it to match and it finished the roof of perfect. Due to the lay out of our garden i decided to swap the position of the slide and climbing wall which was easy done as both openings are identical. On the monkey bar rungs i found splinter type bits where the grain of the wood tapered off, these had to be cut off and smoothed down before any little hands got on them, no big deal as it was spotted during construction. The kids love it......
By - Graham McDonald on Nov 13,15 Dunster House reply:
Dear Graham. Thank you for your review and your lovely pictures. We are very glad that you are happy with the product. We mustn't although forget that timber is a natural product.  So whilst we choose the most suitable species of wood and keep our quality control measures high to ensure it’s consistent quality, timber will still have cracks, splits and warps in it. 

I can't praise this product and company enough. The climbing frame is brilliant, great quality, easy to assemble and my kids (age 5 and below) absolutely love it! The customer service is possibly the best I have come across, delivery time and service was great and the price is amazing compared to other similar products on the market. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!
By - Tam Conradie on Jul 22,15

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the delivery of our climbing frame. We ordered this back in March but did not put it up until April/May time. We went to Bedford to view the different kinds of climbing frames that you offer just because we wanted to get a view of the space that we would need to fit the frame in and also of course the sizes of the frames. There they have lots and lots of frames, cabins etc and the staff were really helpful and informative and advised us on the best frame for our needs. Our Grandchildren absolutely adore their new adventure frame and love coming to Nanny and Bampy's to play on it, they think they are in a playground! It is very sturdy and well-built and the price is absolutely spot on, much cheaper than a lot of other websites we looked at.
By - June Tyler on Jul 20,15

Our daughter loves her Climbing frame - even tried to help us build it (she's nearly 3). It took us 2 days to put the majority of it together and we found some of the instructions as useful as a chocolate teapot. One thing that would be helpful is to have the majority of the holes pre-drilled it would have save a lot of time. Overall the quality of the frame is exceptionally good it was only the instructions that let it down. Delivery - definitely needs the 2 person option. The driver was extremely helpful and efficient.
By - Lucy Faulkner on Jun 01,15

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