7 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained During the Summer Break
After being stuck in the house for months already, trying to focus on home-schooling and being stopped from seeing their friends, you might be finding that your kids seem restless. It can start to make you feel desperate for 5 minutes of peace and quiet to work, clean or get chores done. Read these 7 quick steps for some fun ideas on how to get the kids active, occupied and out of trouble!
  1. Garden Play Equipment

Get them off the computer and away from the TV, the hours will pass so fast if they have a wooden climbing frame in the garden to enjoy. Swinging, sliding, climbing or hanging, they can keep fit and active whilst having fun in the fresh air.

7 ways to keep the kids entertained during the summer break - SquirrelFort Climbing Frame

  1. Log Cabin Play Room

If they would rather be indoors, but you need them out of the house, why not build a log cabin at the bottom of the garden. Log cabins are incredibly versatile garden rooms and are very popular with families, and can work really well as playrooms, games rooms or snugs. Keep the mess out of the house and let them invite their friends around and stay entertained for hours!

7 ways to keep the kids entertained during the summer break - Log Cabin Playroom

  1. Monkey Bars

Practice makes perfect. The ideal way to keep the kids fit, healthy, outdoors and having fun during the summer is to get them climbing, hanging and swinging on the Monkey Bars. This might be monkey bars as part of a larger climbing frame or free standing. Garden play equipment like this is invaluable during the holidays.

 7 ways to keep the kids entertained during the summer break - Monkey Bars

  1. Kiddies Playhouse

If your kids love to play with their dolls, toys and dressing-up box, they might love to have their own garden playhouse or Wendy house to make their own. As well as offering many play opportunities, it can also make an attractive piece in your garden.

  1. Garden Toys and Bikes

Your child might prefer bikes, scooters, rollerblades or any other wheels to zoom around the garden on, in which case you might find you are running out of places to store them. Tidy away their favourite toys into a sturdy, built-to-last, stylish garden shed, ready for them to get out whenever they want.

  1. Green Fingers

Get your kids stuck in and helping with the gardening! Make it fun by having an area just for them to plant things of their choice! Fruit, vegetables, sunflowers- you name it. Why not top it off by adding a beautiful pergola over the top of the flowerbed or vegetable patch, and get them to help grow some climbing plants up its posts.

  1. Leave it to the Imagination

Whatever you arrange for your kids this summer, you know that they will use that fabulous childhood imagination to engross themselves in their garden activities. Explore different outdoor play equipment and products that can help them to spend hours of fun in the fresh air, and have an unforgettable summer break.

Ensure your little ones have the summer essentials required this year!


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