Cosy Living Garden Log Cabin Lounge

Discover and be inspired on how you can create the most cosy outdoor garden log cabin lounge.

Garden and cosy are not two words that you commonly see in a sentence together, but we are here to show some incredible ways to create a snug, cosy garden lounge.

Titania Garden Lounge

As the days get darker and the temperatures drop, all we want to do is escape into our warm lounges. However, this year we have been inside our homes a little more than we ever anticipated. So, let’s help you utilise the outdoor space, the summer hotspot – the garden.

Here is how to transform the garden into your second lounge for a change of scenery with the same cosy vibe!

A log cabin is an addition to your home minus the trouble of extending or hassle of building. Instead of retiring to the lounge every evening, why not alternate between an indoor and outdoor lounge.

The scope of a garden log cabin is honestly beyond what many of us would think. There are so many incredible ways to transform the interior of a cabin. Imagine a complete blank canvas what you can simply convert into your own private space. With French patio style doors, double glazed windows, the facility for you to add heating and electrics, you somewhat wouldn’t know the difference.

Choose a garden building that will compliment the look of your garden. Is the style of your garden modern or do you prefer it traditional?

For a contemporary garden, a pent roof log cabin will work well as it is very sleek and minimal. Whereas, a traditional style garden will suit an apex roof. However, there is not necessarily a wrong or right choice, it does also come down to preference.

To learn more about roof styles, check out our article – Apex Vs Pent. 

Be inspired by some of these stunning interior design ideas that may suit you and your family. Turn the space into that warm, cosy living area, or take it to another level and create something multifunctional.

When people first start out with their office, it always seems to be a bit too office like, by adding a radio, sofa, TV or even a electric fireplace to make your office feel warm and cosy. By doing things like this, you’ll notice a dramatic change in your mood what can remove the stress you carry.

Simply create a space with sofas, throws, a TV and a fireplace. Catch up on your favourite series or movie after dinner in this 2 in 1 log cabin lounge. A two in one that can fulfil those fun nights with entertainment, as well as a peaceful chilled out evening.

Cosy Lantern Lounge

Refresh your mind with an outdoor airy space to brighten up the evening. In this gorgeous uplifting snug cabin you can easily escape into your own world without any digital connections. Dive into a book and take yourself away from day to day responsibilities.

Avon Summerhouse

Enjoy that morning coffee in the garden cabin before starting the day! A great way to begin the day especially when working from home, or with a hectic day ahead. A simple, yet inviting cabin like this can help you find that work life balance. Move away from your desk and take a break in the cabin to gain that bit of fresh air, without actually having to leave your home.

Severn Log Cabin

Sink into the softest and bouncy sofa on those lazy Sundays and evenings. With large families everyone wants their own space, and this garden lounge is an ideal solution to gaining that space to enjoy alone or as a whole family.

Lantera Grande Lounge

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