Log Cabin Cinema Room Guide

If watching movies is your thing, then check out our quick and easy Log Cabin Cinema Room Guide!

Not sure how you are going to survive without any entertainment? Well with Netflix, Now and Amazon Video at easy access it will somewhat make each day better. However, sitting in the lounge watching your favourite series or the latest release isn’t quite as fun on a small screen. Bring life, theatre and drama by utilising the space in your garden with a fully kitted out cinema room – big screen, surround sound, nachos, hotdogs, you name it!

Tempted to make this dream home cinema cabin a reality? Take a look at our easy simple guide today!

Choose the garden room 

Start off by measuring the amount of space you have available in your garden. Those measurements will entail what size and style of log cabin you can choose from. Depending on the shape and size of your garden some like a garden room that takes the entirety of the space where others prefer to get something smaller than the available area.

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Once you have worked out what garden room you are choosing you then want to consider extras such as insulation, double glazing, wall thickness as these are the features that will contribute to making the cinema log cabin a year round place (if that’s what you want it to be).

You can either opt for a fully insulated garden room that contains polyisocyanurate insulation throughout the walls, roof and floor. Alternatively, you can upgrade 45mm walls by adding roof and floor insulation.

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Add your cinema kit 

Now having decided on the garden building you want, you will just need to get a base installed, and plan who and how it is going to be erected. After these arrangements have been made you can start thinking of all the cool pieces of equipment you want to have in your cabin.

A projector is a must, with a surround sound system of some sort which will give you that real cinema feel. Seating is another important element to consider as you want to be comfortable whilst watching your favourite film/series. Add a large cosy sofa or individual reclining seats similar to the cinema but better!

Think about all the things that you love experiencing at the cinema, and incorporate it into your own garden cinema room.

Final touches

At this stage your garden room should be up, all your main bits of equipment should be in so now it is time to add those small touches. Why not introduce a popcorn maker, mini fridge and bar? If you have collectables that you just have stored away, get those out and display them in your cinema cabin. Add soft furnishing such as cushions, bean bags and curtains to make it as comfy and cosy as possible.

Log Cabin Cinema Room Cosy Seating

To make the most of the cinema/entertainment room bring an element of a games room too with a darts board, football table and/or a console.

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Sometimes we don’t make the most of the space available around us. Gardens are definitely underestimated and are made for more than just the summer BBQs. A garden room is a long term investment that comes as a blank canvas and can be transformed into anything you want it to be.

Hopefully that cinema room can come to life sooner rather than later. If you have any questions or would like any advice relating to our log cabin cinema guide then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01234 272445.