Step into your new Log Cabin Man Cave


A Log Cabin Man Cave is much more than just a garden building. It is an escape: an escape from the stress of work, an escape from the chaos of home life and an escape from the kids when needed. A personal space full of the creature comforts that offer sanctuary from the never ending to-do list that awaits you when you walk through the front door.

We have a wide range of Log Cabins that are ideal for transforming into your own Log Cabin Man Cave, that is sure to stand out for all the right reasons. Extend your living space at the fraction of the cost of an extension, giving you a space solely dedicated to your happiness and relaxation.

Log Cabin Man Cave Interior potential set up

Not only will this space give you an additional room, but it will actually help to free up space within your home. The gaming setup you have in the spare room, your memorabilia that fills every inch of spare available space, or the bookcases full of DVD’s, CD’s and books you enjoy in your rare time off can be moved.

Having a Log Cabin Man Cave in your garden gives you a space to decorate as you wish. Our blog entries show how to use your Ultimate Man Cave as a cinema, a gym, or a games room. Your gaming system, memorabilia or DVD’s can take pride of place.

Log Bar

No man cave would be complete without the addition of a bar.

Your Log Cabin Man Cave is going to be the talk of all your friends, it is inevitable. With this in mind, you need to make sure you have everything you need to entertain them when they arrive. Luckily for you, our range of Home Bars provide you with everything you need to create the entertainment cabin of your dreams.

Find out more information about our Low Top Log Bar, just one of the fantastic bar products in our range.

Log Cabin Man Cave Low Top Log Bar

The Low Top Log Bar is made from the same slow grown spruce as the rest of our garden products, ensuring it has a high quality natural finish. As with our Log Cabins, you can paint your bar to fit in with the rest of the décor.

The underneath of the bar is empty; allowing you to add shelves if you choose to or use it as storage for cases of your favourite drinks. Add a draught pump on the bar and store a keg underneath for an authentic pub atmosphere. The addition of a few bar stools help create additional seating for the nights you throw a party.

Log Cabin Man Cave Low Top bar interior

The Low Top Log Bar is a freestanding unit. This means, not only will it look good in your Log Cabin, but if you need to move the bar into the garden during a summer BBQ you can. It can be used both in your home and in your matching timber Log Cabin.

We don’t know what will impress your guests more? Your cocktail making skills or your Log Cabin (we do really, it’s your Log Cabin of course!)


On the rare occasion you are not using your Log Cabin, our industry leading multi point locking system helps to secure your cabin and its contents. The doors have a domestic 4 point locking system, far superior from the 2 point locking system most companies offer. In addition to this, our lockable windows feature mushroom espagnolettes and internally beaded 4mm toughened glass that is harder to break than the industry standard. We want you to know your stuff is safe when you are not using it.

To add a Log Cabin Man Cave to your garden, visit our website today or contact our sales team who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are looking for Log Cabin Man Cave ideas, visit the #ideas and inspiration page on our website to see how existing customers have decorated their garden cabins.


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