Turn your Log Cabin into a Man Cave Cinema Room

The ability to suspend disbelief and escape into a movie has never been more crucial. Turn your Log Cabin into a Man Cave Cinema Room, complete with everything a cinema has to offer from the comfort of your own home. We talk you through transforming your Log Cabin into a home cinema, complete with surround sound and popcorn.

Pick the Log Cabin for you

Whether you are looking to watch sports, build a complete home cinema system or have other man cave ideas – the best place to start is by choosing your Log Cabin. As the majority of our Log Cabins do not require planning permission.  You can construct it anywhere you like in your garden. You can use our helpful guide for clarity, or give your local authority a call.

Depending on whether you are going to keep the man cave solely to yourself (we don’t blame you), or are planning to invite all your friends and family around to premiere the latest film. Many factors will play a factor in the size of your cabin. Our Log Cabins start as little as W2.5m x D2m meaning even if you have a small garden, you can still install a home cinema.

Do you need insulation?

If you want to fully utilise your Log Cabin all year round. Insulation is a factor you need to consider. Many of our Log Cabins come with roof or floor insulation as optional extras. You could opt for our innovative Warmalog range for a fully insulated Log Cabin. If you opt for your insulation as an optional extra, it will arrive to you in easy to install foam boards which can be clipped in between the floor and roof boards.

Dean Fisher installed lights in his Man Cave Cinema Room

Decorate the Log Cabin

We recommend you decorate your Log Cabin immediately after you have constructed it to keep. Basically to keep protected against the varied weather that the UK throws at it.  We have a variety of colours available, in different colours, to suit your personal preference. Chat to our sales team about our available colour options, or browse them yourself on our website.

As well as the external walls, you could decorate the inside of your Log Cabin. Paint the inside of your Log Cabin any colour you like. We would recommend a water based treatment to avoid lingering smells. A quick online search will show you the interior design ‘staples’ of a home cinema – opt for darker colours to ensure the screen is what everyone is focusing on when the movie starts.

Call the electrician
Not just movies? Mark Boundy Man Cave Cinema Room also doubles as a gym

For a decent home cinema system you are going to need a Blu-ray player. To play all the DVD’s you have collected, a big screen or television to play your movies on or even a projector.

For your Log Cabin to best replicate a home cinema, it needs a good surround sound system including a sound bar. By adding front, middle and rear speakers. All dependent on your budget and Log Cabin size. Our Log Cabins don’t come with electricity outlets already installed, so you would need to look to wire the cabin and connect it to a power source. We would advise calling an electrician to complete any wiring tasks to avoid any issues in the future.

The little touches

The little touches you add to your Log Cabin will ensure it stands out for all the right reasons. Move your favourite movie posters out of the house and hang them on the wall of your cabin. If you have any props from a favourite film or tv series. Perhaps a sorting hat from Harry Potter or pop vinyl’s of the entire Game of Thrones cast, this is the ideal place to set up a display cabinet to show them off.

The addition of a bar doesn’t have to be purely for alcohol. Although it can be used for this when needed, it can also be a place for nibbles. The addition of a popcorn machine can ensure that warm popcorn is available throughout your movie, a great help if you are one of those people who have normally eaten their popcorn before the movie begins.

The final decision to make is about seating in your cabin. It is helpful to factor in how many people are going to use your home cinema at any one time. As this will help you to decide how many chairs you want. Bar stools can be placed at the bar and offer additional seating should you need it.

You can look into traditional individual leather seating for your cinema, a large sofa for everyone to curl up on or be a little different and add bean bags for the viewers to sit on. It is completely down to your style and preference.

We would love for you to show us your finished cinemas. Share any images you have with our marketing team via email ([email protected]). On our reviews section of the website or via our social media pages.  Be sure to tag Dunster House Ltd so we can see them.


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