Pent Roof Storage Shed NEW Dad Shed Range

Add a modern touch to your garden with a pent roof storage solution. These sleek, neat sheds work well for gardens of all shapes and sizes. The pent roof is not only stylish, but also great during heavy downpour as a pent roof is flat and sloped so the water falls straight off the roof, rather than sitting on top of the felt.

The Dad Shed Range!

The pent roof sheds come in three different sizes, but doesn’t mean you opt for the smaller shed that we compromise on the features. All the sheds come fully pressure treated and are guaranteed for 10 years. The pre treated wood reduces the likelihood of rot and insect infestation.

Whilst browsing different types of pent roof sheds, you may have come across sheds that claim to be pre-treated but are actually just ‘dip treated’. Not sure what the difference is?

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As mentioned previously, our Dad Sheds are pent roofed, which is a flat, sloped style roof. The beauty of a pent roof shed is firstly the rainfall drops off smoothly, but it is also that this roof style fits compactly into any corner, against a wall or fence or under a nestle of trees. Now, if your garden is limited to space or you want to maximise the use of the space as much as you can then a pent roof shed is what you want to opt for.

Dad Pent Shed II – Approx W2.5m x D2.5m / W8′ x D8′

Dad Pent Shed III – Approx W3m x D2.5m / W10′ x D8′

Pent Roof Storage Shed - Dad Shed I  Pent Roof Storage Shed - Dad shed II  Pent Roof Storage Shed - Dad Shed III

For anyone with maybe an awkward shaped garden or a neglected corner that they want to make use of then the Dad Shed range also has a corner shed! A spacious yet compact style of shed with two windows and a double door access, rather than a single window and door like the pent sheds above.

Dad’s Pressure Treated Corner Shed – Approx W2.5m x D2.5m / W8′ x D8′

Pent Roof Storage Shed - Dad Corner Shed

What is included and what do I need to buy additional?

With the Dad Sheds, everything is included! There are no hidden costs with us unless you wish to purchase a clear wall preservative to maintain the pressure treated wood or require the Rapid Grid foundation as your shed base.

You are supplied with MR P5 Particle Board floor and roof, super felt to protect the roof, and all the fittings and fixtures to erect your shed.

What is the best type of base for a shed?

We suggest a flat, solid and level base for your shed or any garden building. Concrete tends to be the most popular style of base as you are guaranteed to hit the key criteria for a base – flat, level and solid. If you don’t want a concrete base then you can build on paving slabs, decking or even rapid grids (we sell separately).

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Like the look of the Dad Shed range, but require a little more assistance? Do not hesitate to call our sales team on 01234 272445 or contact us more conveniently for you here!


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