Product Maintenance Guide For Wooden Sheds


Our quick and easy product maintenance guide for wooden sheds. Everything you need to know to keep your garden shed looking its best for years to come. Many of our sheds are very low maintenance due to the vast majority being fully pressure treated. However, there is still seasonal maintenance required.

In a nutshell- you want to do a top to bottom check on the whole garden shed, inspecting the timber, base, water ingress and more.

Let’s work through our product maintenance guide for wooden sheds from head to toe. Completing it in this order will ensure nothing has been missed, or even alert you on something that even we haven’t mentioned.

Roof inspection 

Firstly, start off by checking the felt or shingles on the roof of your wooden shed. Ensure the fixings are in place and there are no holes. Treat growing moss with a moss killer and remove twigs and leaves to allow rain to flow freely.

Treating the exterior 

Pressure treated goods require a clear solvent based treatment. A treatment that contains a water repellent and fungicide is what we recommended as pre-treated sheds aren’t waterproof. With the unpredictable weather in the UK, a day of sunshine can result in the next couple of days being rainy.

If the shed you have is untreated, then it will need a treatment to protect it from the natural elements and prolong its life. There is a range of treatments you can use depending on budget and colour choice.

What should you use to treat your pressure treated shed?

We suggest Sovereign Clear Water Repellent Wood Treatment, which can be purchased with your garden shed. However, if you have already purchased the shed, but are now looking for treatment you can always call up and order some.

Security check

Garden sheds are designed to keep your belongings safe and secure. Therefore, checking the locks and hinges every so often is important. You don’t want to find that an adjustment was missed and now results in a new part or an intruder taking advantage of it.

If you have children or guests who have children coming over, you should make sure your shed is locked and secure meaning you won’t have any unwanted guests finding their way inside.

Whilst undertaking these checks take a look at window frames and panels. Rot can sometimes build-up, and depending on how long it has been sitting there may just need brushing away or replacing.

When purchasing a new shed it is important to understand whether you need to apply for planning permission or not. There is a criteria that needs to be hit in order for you not to have to apply.

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Foundation inspection 

Lastly, the base that the garden building sits on needs to be checked over. Remove weeds, grass or anything that is sitting close to the base to allow for it to dry out, especially during rainy months.

The base should always be, flat, level and square with at least a 100mm perimeter. Before erecting anything, we suggest not just double checking, but triple checking that the base is completely flat and level. This will only cause complications at a later date.

If you are unsure where to start, check out some more relevant information on How to Lay a Concrete Base for a Shed.

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Product maintenance guide for wooden sheds – a simple guide providing you with an insight on everything you keep a lookout for.

Looking for other help or maintenance for your garden shed? Check out our articles in the help centre. If you have an unanswered question do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.


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