Why you dont need sleeping area insulation for a Log Cabin


Our Log Cabins are not designed to be used for accommodation, so the only sleeping area insulation you will need is a blanket or a sleeping bag to curl up in when the movie or games night runs long.

They are not designed for permanent accommodation, so you do not need sleep area insulation specifically, but they are extensions of your home which you will use all year round. As the UK weather can be varied, exposing you to excessively hot days or temperatures that chill you to the bone, we would recommend you add insulation if your budget allows. In this article, we are going to talk you through the various ways you can keep your cabin warm in the cold weather and cool in the warmer weather.

Natural heat conductors

A little known fact about timber is that it is a natural ‘battery’. According to, the logs can, under the right circumstance and settings, store the heat it is exposed to and slowly release it in the evening. During the day, the sun beats down on the slow grown spruce and the spruce retains it. Even on days which are colder or cloudier, the sun still will help ‘charge’ the logs.

The best way to heat your log cabin is to install a small electric heater that will help to keep the cabin warm due to its superior insulation and thick wall logs.

Choose our Log Cabins

Our experience in Garden Building design means that you can be sure your Log Cabin is built with comfort in mind. Each individual log fits together seamlessly due to the tongue and groove design, similar to a jigsaw. As timber naturally expands and contracts over time, a tongue and groove design allows for the natural movement.

In a bid to further help your cabin keep a comfortable temperature, our research and development team have made additions to the windows and doors. For example, our windows have draft seals to prevent the wind and rain getting into your Log Cabin.


The age old adage that heat rises is true, although you sometimes will lose it through the floor of your cabin too.

Our insulation is the best on the market, polyisocyanurate. Don’t take our word for it, NASA used it to insulate their rockets. Our insulation is delivered to you in polyisocyanurate sheets; our roof insulation is already chemically bonded to MR P5 boards, whereas our floor insulation is suspended beneath the floorboards with specially designed clips. It is easy to do, you can do it yourself in very little time, but you will need to cut the insulation to fit tightly between the floor bearers.

Sleep Area Insulation - Roof

We use Polyisocyanurate because, not only is it lightweight, but it also has a high thermal conductivity.  Our competitors use far inferior insulators such as rockwool, polystyrene or even bubble wrap. These can be cheaper, bringing the overall price of your Log Cabin down, but they are much lower quality. You will feel the chill if you choose a different insulator for your cabin.

You can skip all of the work and opt for our unique insulated Log Cabin, with our unique Warmalog. These logs are an insulative sandwich, made from two of our Slow Grown Spruce logs with Polyisocyanurate in the middle. They are delivered to you premade so all you have to do is construct your Log Cabin as per our instructions and you have a fully insulated Log Cabin in your garden.

Location, location

You may not need sleep area insulation, but it doesn't mean you cant use your cabin all year round

You would have considered where your Log Cabin was going to go in terms of view but have you considered it in terms of retaining heat? If your garden layout allows, make sure your Log Cabin is south facing. This means your Log Cabin is likely to get more exposure to the sun, keeping it warm through the summer.

Log Cabins with windows that face West and East will only see a few hours of sun, especially in the cooler months, so it will let a lot more heat escape.


The vast majority of customers who buy our Log Cabins have electricity installed to run their televisions, sound systems or gaming stations. Adding an electric radiator to your Log Cabin is the easiest, and cheapest, option to get additional heat into your cabin. These come in various styles, and can be wall mounted or free standing (we recommend free standing).

Discuss your Log Cabin with our sales team, who will openly discuss insulation options (not sleep area insulation) with you to determine what’s the best option for you. You can contact them on 01234 272 445 or have them call you at a convenient time by filling out one of our ‘contact us’ forms. If you know the Log Cabin you want already, having been inspired by our Ideas and Inspiration blog page, visit our website to order yours. Don’t forget to share an image of the finished product with us by emailing our marketing team at [email protected].


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