Using Your Gazebo A How To Guide


Gazebos are a fantastic garden structure to have in your outdoor space. They serve a whole variety of purposes, from being a beautiful feature to just look at, to being the perfect covering for the unpredictable weather, it has your back. We have put together some ideas on how exactly you can use your Wooden Gazebo and get the most out of this practical garden kit.

As a Dining Accessory

It’s no secret that our gazebos are the perfect garden structure when it comes to outdoors dining, they are a staple, especially if you are someone who loves a bit of alfresco dining and/ or hosting social events. Having a gazebo over the top of your patio furniture has a number of benefits, check them out below:

. Protection from rain: It rains a lot in England and there’s nothing worse than having to cancel outdoor plans last minute because your furniture is drenched. Having a gazebo as part of your setup eliminates the worry of letting the rain being able to ruin your fun.

. Cooking equipment is safe: Not only will your furniture be safe from the rain, but so will your cooking equipment. Whether you’re storing your BBQ or Pizza Oven under your gazebo, you can still cook up a storm regardless of the weather.

. All year-round fun: Our gazebos can be used all year round due to their strong and sturdy structure, there are no limits to your outdoor dining fun even when the days become shorter. They are a sturdy permanent structure, perfect for your garden.

. Can be decorated: Gazebos can be beautifully decorated, whether you want to drape lights around the frame or add climbing plants to compliment the timber, the choices you have are endless. It adds a lovely personal touch, making sure it definitely fits in with your home and your character. You can also decorate your garden furniture with cool patterned cushions and throws. Making it the dream place to sit and relax.

Utopia Gazebo with Side Panel

As a Hot Tub Shelter

In general we love to see how our products have been used, customer photos are always a joy to look at. We often receive photos of our gazebos being used as a shelter over the top of hot tubs, which we think it is a fantastic and very practical idea.

Having a garden structure that not only looks pretty but is also useful sounds like a must have. By using a gazebo over your hot tub you can guarantee that the rain won’t spoil your fun, no more hiding your towels or having to leave your phone and gadgets inside! Also, our gazebos come with options to add side and back panelling, perfect to protect you from all kinds of weather, which also means you can really box in your hot tub and make it super snug.

By installing a gazebo, you instantly create a canvas for you to design and style however you wish. Wrap fairy light around the timber, add décor to the back panel, finish it with some cute tables for your drinks and you have created a groovy setup. Your speaker can come out and sit safely under the structure, ensuring you have some good vibes flowing. Perfect to unwind from a tough day at work, or a busy weekend with friends and family. Simultaneously, it’s also the perfect accessory to ensure your hot tub parties are a hit!

Utopia Gazebo with hot tub

As a Garden Bar

Having a garden bar is a great way to make your outdoors space the perfect spot to socialise with friends and family. We might not be blessed with the perfect weather in England, but we do know how to celebrate well regardless, but why should we put up with darting everything indoors as soon as the heavens open, when a wooden gazebo can put a stop to that?

A gazebo is already a practical structure to have over the top of your furniture, but turning it into a garden bar makes it more luxurious and really brings the ‘WOW-Factor’ to your home. If you fancy a bit of DIY you can create your own bar area for you to serve drinks from, however if it’s not quite your thing have a look at some our garden bars.

If turning your gazebo into a garden bar sounds like a bit of you, we recommend looking at adding the optional extras we offer, like side and back panels. Something like the 6m x 3m Leviathan Chunky Corner Gazebo would be perfect for you to create a bar area, as well as have a good amount of space left for a table and chairs.

Utopia Bar Gazebo

In summary, our gazebos are a pretty useful asset to have in your garden. As you can see, they provide more than just being a beautiful structure to look at. We would love to see how you have decorated your Dunster House gazebo.

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