The Warmalogs: Fully Insulated Log Cabins

In March 2018 we announced three new “Warmalog” insulated cabins: the Carsare. These modern roofed cabins have since then been joined by new models: the Avon, the Rhine and the Vanguard.

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Warmalog panels (fully insulated)
Our range of insulated cabins is a revolution to the DIY log cabin industry. No longer do you have to spend time and energy fitting insulation between your cabin walls. With a Warmalog, we put together the wall insulation with the wall logs during the manufacturing process. This creates a 62mm sandwich of timber and insulation for you to build with as normal – all of the effects with none of the effort!

The insulation that we use in all our cabins is top-quality. It’s called polyisocyanurate, and NASA has used it in their spacecraft! It is a useful material because it is lightweight and versatile, but what makes it so sought after is its high thermal conductivity. Competitors’ insulation might be cheaper, but it could be Rockwool or polystyrene, which are much lower quality materials. Make sure you find out!

It’s not just the walls that are insulated in a Warmalog! We also provide insulation for the roof (60mm thick) and for the floor (50mm thick). As well as this 360° coverage, the Warmalog comes with 24mm thick double glazing as standard. Our units are all made to the standards of EN 1279-1:2004, which checks for quality changes in sealed window units over time. All of this heat-retaining technology ensures that any Warmalog cabin can achieve a U value of 0.69.

warmalog elementsOther features

The Warmalogs share some of the same features as our more conventional cabins. For example, the floor bearers, which are the only part of the cabin in contact with the ground, are pressure treated. This intensive treatment of the timber protects the bearers from damage from damp grass, and wood-eating insects and fungi for ten years, guaranteed. The windows and doors are also the same large, high-quality windows found across all our cabins, made in our own factory. They have friction stay hinges, which stay open when pushed, and a Multi-Point Espagnolette locking system. The wide opening French doors also have a secure 4-point Espagnolette locking system.

The Warmalog is a very versatile building. Do you need a home office? A music room? A bar? You’re only restricted by your imagination. With the no-fuss installation, you can easily install and use a Warmalog all year round.

                                                    carsare cabin log dunster house in summer