26 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Lou’s Beauty Salon Log Cabin

Lous Beauty Salon Log Cabin

Lou, a lash technician from Bristol, spent years working from a spare bedroom in her home. She decided it was time to upgrade her work space and facilities with a beauty salon log cabin. Now she has a dedicated space filled with everything she needs to pamper her clients and run a successful business


Beauty Salon Log Cabin - Dunster House BatCabin


Revamping the garden

Although Lou and her fiancé moved into their house around three years ago, they hadn’t had the chance to renovate their garden yet. Like many others, they took advantage of being at home during lockdown to revamp their outdoor space. It was the perfect time to undertake their garden renovation project. They decided to build Lou a professional workplace where she could switch between pampering her clients and teaching trainee beauty technicians.

The space in the garden was the ideal size for a 3.5m x 3m BatCabin Log Cabin, plus there was enough room out front for an outdoor seating area and a hot tub. The couple now have a beautiful space to relax and unwind with friends, as well as somewhere for Lou to work in comfort.

Creating a beauty salon log cabin

The garden room has been a fantastic addition to the garden and offers Lou some versatility. During lockdown she gained her teaching qualification, so can now use this space to train students as well as tend to her clients. When in training mode, she can comfortably fit two beds with full kits and training equipment, two students, models and herself inside her beauty cabin. When pampering her clients, she has just one bed, to create a spacious and welcoming environment for them. Her clients love visiting her log cabin beauty salon and always comment on how chic and professional it is inside.

The business, LoveLou, runs 5 to 6 days a week, all year round, so Lou spends a lot of time in her beauty salon log cabin. For this reason, she opted to add the extra of insulation, which she says “holds the heat wonderfully”. Even during the colder weather, she still has a cosy space to work in.

Beauty Salon Log Cabin Interior

The ideal business premises

The log cabin has not only transformed the garden, but has also completely changed the way Lou runs her business. She feels as though she is leaving home to go to work every day, but there is no commute. It offers her the convenience of having her business premises on her doorstep, while being able to keep it completely separate from the house and her personal life. She has a cosy, secluded space that provides her and her clients with privacy and no interruptions during treatments.

Lou is delighted with her new work space. She says that investing in a garden building is the best decision she has ever made. Now she has no shop leasing fees or large overheads, allowing her to invest money back into the business. It will really help her business to flourish, providing the opportunity for more success in the future.

View the video to hear all about how Lou transformed her outdoor area into a beauty salon log cabin. Now she can easily work from home and provide her clients with a luxurious and comfortable space.

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*Please note: This product has been discontinued since the this article was originally published.