27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Lydia and Deans Multipurpose Log Cabin

Lydia and Deans Multipurpose Log Cabin

Meet Lydia, a library assistant and her husband Dean, a retired firefighter. They have been living in their home for 15+ years. During this time, they raised four children aged 9, 11, 13 and 18. They renovated their home and gave the garden a makeover. Read on to find out all about their multipurpose log cabin.

Finally, they decided to purchase a log cabin. It would serve as an outdoor gym during the weekdays and a family entertainment space on weekends. Considering Dean is now retired, he has had the time to work on his cocktail making skills too. Cheers!

The Original Plans and Ideas

Lydia and Dean’s home is a corner plot, meaning they have a lot more garden space. The side garden was their biggest area and the space they used most.

They wanted a garden building that could be used for a gym and entertainment space. However, they were unsure about the cost. Initially, they were planning to put a vegetable patch there. Lydia and Dean saved money for renovations by doing some of the work themselves. This allowed them to purchase their dream cabin.

Space was limited when they wanted to train in the living room. This meant they had to move the furniture before each workout. Lydia and Dean work out every day. It’s true what they say: couples who stay fit together, stay together! Look at their daughter go on the treadmill, the cabin turned gym is being used by all the family.

lydia and deans log cabin

They had new flooring installed. As a result, they didn’t want to use the living room anymore. They desired a convenient space to work out and have extra room for other activities.

They also wanted somewhere for adults-only parties, and the log cabin provides that uninterrupted time away from the kids. But they both promised, it’s not just for the parties! The kids can have friends over and use it as a cinema and games room. These are some of the reasons why they chose our Terminator – Wooden Log Cabin.

Why did they choose a Terminator over our other Log Cabins?

Lydia and Dean expressed their admiration for the doors and windows on the Terminator. They thought it let in the ideal amount of light. The cabin was also the perfect size they needed, fitting perfectly into their garden space!

Log Cabin Theme and Décor

Lydia and Dean decided that the theme would be more of an industrial look on the inside. With black fixtures and fittings to tie in with the gym equipment. They also added a log burner, so they could utilise the cabin all year round.

Dean also built a bar out of old pallets, leftover laminate flooring, and some scaffolding boards. Is there anything Dean can’t do?!

lydia and deans log cabin

Overall experiences and what does their garden log cabin hold for the future?

They both expressed some feedback in their own words: “We absolutely love our log cabin and think the quality of it is outstanding. The addition of a log burner meant that we were able to use the log cabin all year round. I particularly enjoy decorating it for different occasions, such as Halloween and Christmas, so that we can entertain friends and family.”

“We use the cabin for the gym daily. But due to its design, is also a great place to host kid’s parties, sleepovers and have game and movie nights. The Wooden Log Cabin is a great addition to our home. We can now say, we use it more than our actual living room now!”

Watch the video below to explore more of Lydia’s and Dean’s multipurpose Log Cabin. A gym by day, a party room by night!

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