27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Kevin and Amanda’s Man Cave Bar

Kevin and Amanda’s Man Cave Bar

Kevin and Amanda transformed their log cabin into a man cave bar, creating a place to go to escape the stresses of daily life. Now they have the perfect space for a great night in that all the family can use and enjoy.

Man Cave Bar - Terminator 6m x 4m Log Cabin Games Room and Pub

Choosing a Log Cabin

Kevin and Amanda live in Stockton with their three children. With full time jobs and a family to raise, they wanted a fun space that everyone could use. Kevin decided on building a log cabin so that he had a project to keep himself busy during lockdown. He set himself the achievable challenge of creating a family space that could be used to either entertain friends or enjoy cosy evenings in.

The Terminator 6m x 4m Log Cabin was exactly what they needed, providing plenty of space for the full sized pool table that Kevin had always dreamed of owning. The pent roof style gives the cabin a modern feel, along with the green painted exterior and black trim. It makes a stunning focal point in the garden.

Creating a Man Cave Bar

The family enjoy playing games, listening to music and having a good time. So it was important to create a space purely for entertainment. Inside, the man cave has a bar area in the corner, complete with bar stools for sitting and enjoying a drink. A 7ft pool table stands proudly in the middle of the room, and is the main feature. The family often have games nights and pub quizzes in their garden room, where they also have a television and games console connected for playing video games.

Kevin and Amanda have really gone to town with decorating their log cabin. The walls are full of old signage, old records, old mobile phones and antique items. The garden room is full of all sorts of weird and wonderful curiosities, and they plan to keep adding more. The idea is to create an interesting and random space that gets people talking.

The couple have also installed lots of lighting to brighten up their man cave interior, and create an atmosphere. There are all sorts of different types of lights. This includes hanging bulbs from the ceiling, strings of fairy lights, coloured LED strips, and a neon ‘Man Cave’ bar sign. The lighting sets the tone for a romantic night in for just the two of them, and works equally well for when entertaining guests.


Man Cave Bar Log Cabin Pub Shed


An Extension of the Home

Having a log cabin in the garden has totally changed how Kevin and Amanda use their outdoor space. It has become an extension to their home and living area that can be used by everyone all year round. In the summer months, they can throw open the windows and doors as they play a game of pool, and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

In previous years, Kevin and Amanda would never venture outside to the garden during the winter. But with the addition of heaters, the couple are able to keep their log cabin warm inside so they can still use that additional space even when the weather turns cold.

The man cave bar is a fantastic space for Kevin and Amanda, their children, and their friends, to all enjoy in the evenings and at weekends. They are looking forward to hosting plenty of parties for Halloween, Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions and celebrations.

Take a tour of Kevin and Amanda’s amazing man cave games room and home bar.



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