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    Wooden Gazebo 10 Year Timber Guarantee
    Wooden Gazebo 10 Year Timber Guarantee II
    10 year timber guarantee
    Your Gazebo is fully pressure-treated. Pressure treatment means the treated timber is guaranteed against rot and insect infestation for 10 years. It protects your timber thoroughly: you won't need to re-treat for at least ten years or worry about little critters causing havoc.
    Fully Pressure Treated Garden Gazebo
    Fully Pressure Treated Garden Gazebo II
    Fully pressure treated
    All of the timber for this Gazebo is pressure treated. All of our pressure treated timber carries a Genuine 10 Year Guarantee against fungal decay and insect infestation without any need for the customer to apply treatment during this time.
    Wooden Gazebo Tall Walkthrough Height
    Wooden Gazebo Tall Walkthrough Height II
    Tall walkthrough height
    Our Gazebos have a tall walkthrough height of 6' (1840mm) or over to minimise the chance of bumping your head.
    Gazebos Fixings Included
    Gazebos Fixings Included II
    Fixings Included
    We include all the screws, bolts, nails and other fixings needed to put your garden building together - not everyone is that thoughtful. It also saves you having to worry about what sort of bolts,nails etc. you'll need, what length and other such things, the right fixing for the job is included in the kit!
    Gazebos Strong Roof
    Gazebos Heavy Duty Garden Structure Roof Panels
    Strong Roof
    Our heavy duty 19mm thick roof provides the perfect protection from the outdoor elements and provides the perfect cover for your garden furniture.
    Gazebos Heavy Duty Framework Panels
    Gazebos Heavy Duty Framework Open
    Heavy Duty framework
    Our fully pressure treated gazebo is not only built to withstand adverse weather conditions but we use high quality, thick timbers to ensure a strong and sturdy product that it is built to last. Our heavy duty roof framework has a profile of 140mm x 45mm, coupled with our sturdy yet substantial 145 x 145mm thick posts to ensure a robust structure.
    Roofing Shingles For Wooden Gazebo
    Roofing Options
    You will need to weather proof your roof against the elements. So, consider adding our high-grade rectangle shingles which come in a choice of green or black. We also offer the option of high-grade fibreglass based bitumen hexagonal shingles which come in black and even the option of striking African Thatch. If these options don't fit with your garden plans or budget then we have the durable alternative of super felt or our lower cost roofing felt.

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Should you require further information on our standard or assisted delivery services, please contact a member of our Sales Team.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

Phoenix Chunky Corner Gazebo W6.0m x D3.0m

The image above shows a brief reference to how your products will arrive. All of our garden buildings are made from kiln dried quality graded timber, if it is to be stored prior to construction and treatment all parts must be covered to prevent moisture from warping and rotting the timber.

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Average Seller Rating:

Saw it loved it just what we were after - Delivered within appx 10 days-instruction were easy to read- put the main frame up within 2 days bearing in mind I am 70- but weather been to bad to finish so waiting for better weather. All round good information on erecting this product- cannot wait for better weather to finish. Star rating for the service given 10/10 wth this company and extremely helpful.
By - Bernard Blankhart on Dec 20,17

Absolutely love it. No leaks or fears it will fly away. Looks beautiful. Have to admit hired a couple of guys to assemble but well worth it. If you are thinking about a Gazebo this is the one for you. Looks massive but fits in really well.
By - Amanda Forshaw on Sep 17,17

Really pleased with the way it looks once finished, I only had little help and managed to put this up myself in under 20 hours, it looks fantastic over our hot tub, and I'm looking forward to using it all year round, all I would say is follow the instructions and I would number each roof board before attempting cos if you number them it makes life a lot easier.
By - Simon Ascott on Sep 05,17

We spent a lot of time looking around at gazebos before settling for this one and we are certainly glad made this choice. This is certainly an impressive addition to our garden and we delighted with all aspects from the initial phone call to the sales office to the finished construction. Bought and erected in August 2017 we were initially given 6-8 weeks delivery. Not a problem. It was delivered 7 days later which did gave us a problem for storage and the groundwork hadn't even started but it gave us the impetus to install this before a family party at the end of August. Full marks to Dunster House for speedy delivery and two excellent and helpful delivery guys, well worth the extra service. In terms of erecting this, it is definitely a two man job at least. So me (62) and my son (30) set about it over the course of what time we had available to meet the end of August deadline. If you want the job done properly i.e. level, square and minimum of angst and maximum satisfaction then set yourself for these sorts of timings. We are not experts and this is the first gazebo either of us have ever constructed. It took 4 hours to get 90% of the frame up onto the footings we had previously installed. It took another 4 hours to get the frame finished and roof and 'other bits' done. Instructions that came with the parts did make sense if you simply take time to study it before hand. Then came the shingles. This will take the two of you a full day at best on a roof this size because you have to line up every sheet square on and in line with the rest and nail it to the board. A nail gun may help but we only had a hammer and you have to go in sequence as you move along. Alternatively, you could employ a couple of blokes to do the job for you. The end result though, when done properly, is well worth it and we are pleased as punch with it. We have already dined more times alfresco under the gazebo since it was built than we have all summer. The bottom line is that I now have to go about getting a much bigger table as the one we have looks like a pimple in the vast space underneath the roof according to my wife! A small price to pay indeed so be aware that installing this gazebo may lead on to other things. Well worth it and a big recommendation from us to buy this gazebo from Dunster House. Money well spent. Points to note/suggestions/ fly-in-the-ointment. Use an impact driver if possible for the screws and the bolts. If the hole for the fixing isn't pre drilled, then make a pilot hole especially for the smaller pieces at the top of the roof. For the roof boards, I am sure this will be obvious to some, spend 20 -30 minutes laying them out from the shortest up to the longest. There should be 8 of each. This way you can pick them up in sequence and the time spent doing it this way saves a lot more if you just scrabble around - see photo The finials at the bottom of the posts could have been finished better so that it looks like the post and finials are made from one piece of wood instead of square cut and looking like add ons - which they are. That's a personal and subjective observation. Could have done with half a dozen more sheets of shingles as it would have meant that we could place single shingles along the roof ridge. Not being experts in this form of construction a few more spare would have helped but fair play to the QS at Dunster House as there was no other wastage. We have edged the roof with plastic rain deflectors so that any rainwater that runs down the roof and tries to run back up under the lowest shingle (as it will tend to do with shingles), will not get past the deflector and will fall into the guttering to be taken away. That way water is kept away as much as possible from the wooden structure and minimising any rot. Again on the subject of installing the shingles, a little more help and guidance would not go amiss - the internet and you-tube is fine but hints and tips from the manufacturer would have been preferable. But in the end we got by and didn't need technical help over the phone.
By - David Catanach on Aug 30,17

Love it really good value for money. My husband put it together in an hour. Couldn't beleive how quick it was delivered and delivery man really nice. Would recommend this company.
By - elizabeth fuller on Jul 04,17

The gazebo is very good value for money the wood and sturdiness of it is first class so overall pleased with our purchase. A couple of things however have annoyed us unless we have been unlucky the roof and trying to speak to Customer service. The gazebo was erected by two qualified contractors but after one day on the job things were not going well with the roof, the wood didn't fit properly and the gaps were too big so that nails were coming through the ceiling and not going into wood joints. When we measured the wood at least half of them were not the correct size so they were never going to join properly after several attempts to speak to someone and sending pictures we would have replies by email no one would actually speak to us which was very frustrating, we asked someone to come out and inspect the roof as were not happy but they said no as we had not used their workmen so it was left for a week before putting the tiles on, unfortaunatly in the end we gave up as we were not getting anywhere and water was leaking though onto our Spa and we couldn't risk anymore damage as wood stain was staining our spa cover so we paid the guys another half a days labour to do the tiles. Such a shame as the top central tile looks a bit awkward as it could have done with a metal central cover and the inside ceiling still has nails poking through but we have accepted now. Such a great product but after sales not so good.
By - Jackie Williamson on Jul 02,17

Excellent delivery All items present and fitted together really well Quality of materials was first rate My wife and I erected it over a weekend and I done finishing touches during the week. Had shingle roofing that looks good Bit of an issue with the top but sorted it with a cap made locally and covered I shingle felt Would recommend highly
By - Steve Warr on May 13,17

Just thought I would send this message thanking you for the excellent Atlas gazebo you recently supplied to me. I found it to be of very good quality, enjoyable to assemble and value for money I've attached a picture of the finished gazebo for your gallery if you so wish. To conclude I would have no problems recommending your gazebos to anyone looking to start such a project.
By - Gill Crowe on May 11,17

great service from start to finish helpful sales person and delivery driver well organised company so helpful and friendly really pleased with our Gazebo it was money well spent Thanks for your great service
By - linda fitzpatrick on Apr 27,17

My brother and I managed to erect the gazebo (excluding shingles) in 8 hours. It was hard work but we followed the instructions to the letter and were very pleased with the outcome.
By - brian england on Mar 16,17

Very pleased exactly as you described
By - Chris Walker on Mar 14,17

This is very well made looks great in the garden I am really happy with it
By - Carol Campin on Dec 06,16

Loving my Dunster House, Erin 3.2m with louvre Windows, just the bar and decking to finish. Love entertaining with friends and family. Also, may sound a bit cheesy but the delivery guys spot on, polite and professional and the same goes for the staff at the end of the phone. Easy to deal with and the instructions for each section are easy to understand. Well if you go wrong then you need to put your tools down as straightforward and a quality build. This is used pretty much every single day and if you're thinking about buying a building, then you need look no further as I am sure you will be delighted and product and service will be above your expectations. Thank you Dunster house. If I had to suggest one improvement, I'd say start stocking recycling bins and big ones to as ours is over flowing each week from entertaining and nothing but good times.
By - Stewart Berkery on Dec 05,16

Everything about this purchase was ''first class'' Delivered promptly, on time, and the delivery guys were helpful and obliging. Great job. I assembled it myself, over 4 days, the ''hardest'' bit being the Shingle Tiles. But I was very obsessive about the construction. The design and build makes this a joy to assemble, a real big boys jigsaw. But with attention to the''squareness'' and a precise level, it worked out a treat. Congratulations on the quality of manfacture and the timber. Very happy with the result. Pictures attached showing the installation, we also have custom side screens with windows and zipped doors, for inclement weather. Many Thanks. Graham Goodyer. Paignton.
By - Graham Goodyer on Nov 25,16

Straight forward and easy to assemble and good quality
By - Michael Gray on Nov 08,16

Really pleased with the finished artical, it's a great addition to the garden and really has the "wow" factor. I'm yet to get the furniture for it but that's next on the list. I've added a slideshow of it being made in stages which I hope you're able to view. Thanks
By - James Secker on Oct 30,16

Excellent quality, quick delivery and very good instructions for erecting. We have recommended the company to our son in Yorkshire. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase from Dunster House again.
By - David Barrett on Oct 28,16

Loving it. I had a professional builder put it up and it took him 2 days . In his opinion it is very good quality and easy to put together nothing was out of line and instructions clear and easy to follow . He was very impressed and has recommended to other people. I love it , it means I can use my hot tub through the winter ,I would not hesitate in recommending this gazebo if I could I would give it 10 stars . Delivery was smooth painless and they put things exactly where I wanted
By - Barbara Josey on Oct 26,16

Very pleased with end result. Took me two days to build it and although the instructions did say at one point you need 3 people! I did manage it on my own. It would help enormously if the roof slats were part numbered, there are so many it took 2 hours just to sort these out as they're all so similar.
By - Tony Peck on Oct 26,16 Dunster House reply:
Hi Tony. We're happy that you're pleased with your product. Thank you for your review and for your feedback, that we will take into consideration.

Beautiful material
By - Colin Unthank on Oct 26,16

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