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The Composting Arctic Toilet MKII is a sanitation solution for locations without access to water or connection to a sewer system. The modern Wood Composite toilet is not only solar powered but also has an automatic light for ease when using the toilet at night, windows to let in natural light during the day and a multicharging point to help keep your phone charged at all time. The urinal is flushed with hand-washing water, and the waste can be removed safely to a soakaway. Please check with your local authority before disposing or using any of the waste associated with this product. 

Product Features
Humanitarian Eco Toilet Easy Fit
Humanitarian Eco Toilet Easy Fit II
easy fit
The Composting Toilet dimensions: 1200mm x 1165mm x 2170mm.
Humanitarian Eco Toilet Easy To Maintain
Humanitarian Eco Toilet Easy To Maintain
easy to maintain
Maintaining your Composting Toilet MKII is easy. You do not need to move the whole toilet to service it; you can simply remove the top half. From here, you have access to the full tank which can be removed, transported and emptied for composting
Humanitarian Eco Toilet Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)
Humanitarian Eco Toilet Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) II
Wood Plastic Composite
The walls and roof of the Composting Toilet MKII are made out of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). This makes the toilet resistant to extreme temperatures either high above or below zero and UV exposure increasing the buildings longevity and endurance. In place of our normal timber designs, WPC makes transportation to rural areas easier. Coming in flat pack for ease of assembly at any destination, the WPC is virtually maintenance free. 
Humanitarian Ventilation
Humanitarian Ventilation II
The Composting Toilet MKII features a solar powered fan assisted ventilation pipe, which helps to remove unpleasant odours.  This fan actively draws the odour out of the structure rather than waiting for it to rise, a process called positive ventilation. The fan will continue running for approximately 15 minutes after you’ve left the structure, in similar fashion to a domestic extraction fan.
Humanitarian Eco Toilet Avoid Unpleasant Odours
Humanitarian Eco Toilet Avoid Unpleasant Odours II
Avoid unpleasant odours
The waste deposited in the 44 litre collection tank gets sprinkled by peat from the upper tank absorbing moisture from the waste. Peat is a unique natural antiseptic and absorbent, which provides a sanitary coating for the waste, initiates the beginning of the composting process and removes unpleasant odour. 
Humanitarian Solar Powered Solar Panel
Humanitarian Solar Powered Multicharging Point
Solar Powered
Our Composting Toilets can stand independently from electricity sources due to the solar panel on the roof. This solar panel charges a 12V battery pack (not supplied) which, in turn, powers an electric water pump that feeds water through to the sink so you can wash your hands. This also powers a multi-charging point which helps to keep the phones charged.
Humanitarian Eco Toilet Waterless Icon
Humanitarian Eco Toilet Waterless Product
The Composting Toilet MKII does not use any water so is an ideal solution for private Holiday Homes, Gardens, Farms and many more that can all benefit from a waterless toilet (water is still needed in a container for use with the sink). 
How high is this Eco-Toilet?
It is 2.17m (7' 1") high
Does this Eco-toilet need to be plumbed in to a water source?
This Eco-Toilet does not need to be plumbed in to use. The sink system works off a container that must be filled up with water. The Toilet system is designed to not need water to function.
Can this Eco-Toilet be painted?
This Eco-toilet can be painted to suit your space.
Do you need to run electrics to this Eco-Toilet?
This Eco-Toilet is self-sustaining due to the solar panel, which powers the water pump and 12v light.

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Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

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