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Does The Log Cabin Need To Be Treated?
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Dunster House Log Cabins come untreated giving you complete flexibility when it comes to decorating. You may question 'does the log cabin need to be treated'? The simple answer to that is yes! Coordinate the colours and style to suit your garden and preference. The whole structure/framework of the log cabin comes untreated apart from the floor bearers, which are fully pressure treated. As the floor bearers are the foundation to the log cabin they have been pressure treated to increase longevity and durability. Any pressure-treated goods are guaranteed for 10 years against rot and insect infestation.


For ease and convenience, we highly suggest treating your log cabin after it has been erected, allowing you to fit everything together and rectify any errors. It is very important to treat timber, whether it is treated or untreated. Timber is known to contract and expand in different weather conditions, therefore if left untreated it will deteriorate.


You can purchase a treatment when choosing your log cabin, alternatively, it can be purchased at a later date. We offer a wide variety of treatments to suit different budgets and design vision. There are two options when choosing a treatment colour for your log cabin, you can either enhance the natural beauty of the gain with a wood stain or clear solvent-based treatment. Or, if you want to add life and character to it you can go for a vibrant colour and make it the focal point of your garden.


Shop our wide range of treatments here.


Application of Treatment


Once the log cabin has been fully constructed, the next stage in the process is treating the timber with a suitable timber coating. This will need to be periodically applied or regularly inspected to maintain its beauty and prolong its life. It is recommended to follow the ‘Directions For Use’ and aftercare by the manufacturer of your treatment choice. 


Settlement of the Timber Logs


All the logs of the cabin will generally settle within the first few months. Timber naturally changes season to season, so the moisture content within the logs will cause expansion and contraction. This is unavoidable to a certain extent but can be limited by applying a good timber treatment to the exterior. In addition to restricting the natural movement of the logs, we strongly advise you not to fix anything directly onto them. Install freestanding storage units, cupboards and other interior bits. 


Included Adjustable Storm Braces


No matter what log cabin you choose to purchase at Dunster House, the adjustable storm braces are included at no extra cost. This fixing holds and tightens any gaps that appear between the logs. It may be necessary to release the tension from the top coach bolt to allow the storm brace to move freely. These can be fitted inside the log cabin or outside the log cabin, it is entirely your choice. 


Additional Weathering


With the log cabin sitting outside all year round, there are additional bits that can be done to weatherproof your cabin, in addition to what is already in place. After the log cabin has been erected and coated with treatment the following can be sealed: 



The seal can be purchased for a variety of DIY or home improvement stores. This will need to be checked and reapplied, however, it is difficult to say how often as this will depend on how well your log cabin has been maintained. 

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