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DO's and DONT's When Working from Home

Working from home isn’t for everyone, some love it and some are not as keen. During this current situation there is a vast number of companies that have got all employees working from home. When working from home you want to keep a routine to ensure you have the most productive day possible. 

Here are some of our recommendations on what to do and not to do when working from home. 


Do keep in contact with your work colleagues 


Always keep in contact with your team using one or several of the wonderful digital platforms available. Arranging video conferencing every other day or so helps everyone to stay in the loop of what work is being completed. Maintaining communication is important, especially if you are used to working in a large team of people, where you are constantly discussing new and upcoming ideas. 


Don't over indulge 


Everybody loves a snack, however you can find yourself over-eating when you are at home. Try and stick to your normal eating routine like you would at work. Constantly eating can sometimes make you feel sluggish and your working day can be affected. 


Do make an effort to get dressed in the morning


Make the effort to have a shower and dress up a little, as pyjamas and gowns are just too cosy. It definitely isn’t necessary to put on the type of clothing that you would wear to the office, but putting on something other than your gown and pyjamas will help you have a more productive day. 


Don't let yourself be distracted


Working from home means that you have got a lot of distractions around you. It is very important to take yourself away from anything that won’t allow you to concentrate. Try to avoid putting the television on, or working in an area that is communal. 


Do play music for background noise


Play a little music in the background, to avoid working in complete silence. Working without your colleagues beside you is daunting enough, so music can help bring a little atmosphere to your workspace. 

Don't just work from any room in the house 


Set yourself up one area in your home as your workspace. Working in different areas everyday will require you to move your belongings from one end of the house to another. This is difficult especially if you have a lot of equipment. Also, choose a workspace where you can just leave after your working day and not have to enter the space until the next morning. If you leave your work in a communal area like the kitchen, you’ll find you don’t switch off. 


Do take breaks


Sometimes when working from home you forget to take short breaks, including lunch. You want to take some time away from your work space and give yourself a mental break. Organise your day as you would at work and take your lunch break. 


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