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  • 25th Anniversary
  • Price Match Promise
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Avon Log Cabin W3.0m x D4.0m
Save £410.00
NOW £1,759.99
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Beegorra Log Cabin W4.0m x D3.0m
Save £620.00
NOW £2,079.99
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Carsare Log Cabin W3.5m x D2.5m
Save £328.01
NOW £1,529.99
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Carsare Log Cabin W3.5m x D3.5m
Save £589.00
NOW £2,150.99
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Lantera Log Cabin W4.5m x D2.5m
Save £340.00
NOW £1,839.99
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Modetro Log Cabin W5.5m x D3.5m
Save £510.00
NOW £2,539.99
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Radley Log Cabin W3.0m x D4.0m
Save £580.00
NOW £2,409.99
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Radley Log Cabin W4.0m x D3.0m
Save £580.00
NOW £2,409.99
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MonkeyFort Wilderness W2.8m x D3.4m
Save £50.00
NOW £414.99
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MonkeyFort Woodland W3.8m x D3.4m
Save £50.00
NOW £439.99
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FortPlus Epic Climbing Frame
W3.2m x D4.0m
Save £60.00
NOW £514.99
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FoxCub Swing Set Climbing Frame
W3.0m x D1.8m
Save £45.00
NOW £244.99
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MaxiFort Frontier Climbing Frame
W4.9m x D4.5m
Save £75.00
NOW £639.99
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Lofty Lodge W1.8m x D3.5m
Save £65.00
NOW £499.99
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Amiri Venetian Pavilion W1.8m x D2.7m
Save £340.00
NOW £589.99
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Unicorn Chunky Corner Gazebo
W4.2m x D3.2m
Save £510.00
NOW £1,759.99
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Vantage 220 Summerhouse
W2.2m x D1.9m
Save £225.00
NOW £1,074.99
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Titania Garden Office W4.3m x D3.3m
Save £2,170.00
NOW £5,829.99
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Helena Garden Office - Left
W4.3m x D2.7m
Save £2,060.00
NOW £5,439.99
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Helena Garden Office - Right
W4.3m x D2.7m
Save £2,060.00
NOW £5,439.99
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Helena Garden Office - Right
W5.4m x D3.3m
Save £2,500.00
NOW £6,999.99
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Helena Garden Office - Left
W5.4m x D3.3m
Save £2,500.00
NOW £6,999.99
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SAVE £1570
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If your hobby or business has expanded beyond what your home can handle, the Helena Garden Office is the perfect workplace for you. Forget the conservatory, the strong, solid, roofing has excellent insulation qualities and 28mm double-glazed uPVC windows and patio doors as standard, that give you lower heating costs for an ideal workspace with, great natural light.   

The Helena’s floor, walls and vented windows are all designed to resist moisture buildup, making sure that your office remains a pleasant place to work at all times of the year, the inner walls are also made of a fire-resistant gypsum fibreboard. This practical garden room is made of pressure treated slow-grown Spruce, guaranteed for 10-years against rot and insect infestation, so you can make the most of your new workspace for years to come. The patio doors and windows have 4mm toughened glass as standard, to withstand footballs and other garden dangers, while the multipoint locking on both windows and patio doors keep your property safe.

The Helena Garden office generally doesn’t require planning permission, though we recommend checking with your local authority. It is secure, easy to build, low maintenance and you can even choose the colour for the windows and door frame for the best match to your garden design.

Product Features
Garden Offices 10 Year Timber Guarantee
Garden Offices 10 Year Timber Guarantee II
10 Year Guarantee
All of the exterior timber of your Garden Office is pressure treated. We offer a genuine 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on all of these parts. So you won't need to worry about little critters causing havoc or rot damaging the timber.
Garden Offices 28mm Sealed Unit
28mm Double Glazing
We don't compromise on quality just because it's a garden building. Our garden offices have domestic style uPVC windows and doors, making your garden office secure and highly insulated. The 28mm sealed double glazing provides improved heat and sound insulation.
Garden Offices Fully Pressure Treated
Garden Offices Fully Pressure Treated II
Fully pressure treated
Our Garden Offices are made using non-toxic, pressure treated timber. This process forces wood preservative deep into the pre-cut timber using a large pressure treatment vat. This allows us to offer our customers a 10 year timber guarantee against rot and insect infestation.
Avoid Planning Permission Helena  4.3x3.3 Left
Avoid Planning Permission
All our Garden Offices are under 2.5m high so that under permitted development rights you can place the building within 2m of a boundary if you wish to. Please be aware that any building over 2.5m high needs to be placed over 2m away from any boundary. If you want to find out more about planning permission click here.
Tall Door Height Helena 4.3x3.3 Left
Tall Door Height
With a walkthrough height of over 6'3" (1.91m) there's no need to 'duck' on the way in. They are probably the tallest doors on the market and great for moving furniture in and out of your office.
IzoPanel Roof Breakdown Garden Offices
IzoPanel Roof - Panels Garden Offices
IzoPanel Roof
Our Garden Offices feature a very advanced roofing system manufactured by Izopanel.  They use a stiff polyurethane foam core (a material that provides a very low thermal conductivity rating) joined together tightly with overlapping cladding in a trapezoidal profile which makes strong joints that prevent water ingress. Altogether the roof is waterproof, has great thermal characteristics and is uniquely strong. 
Multipoint Locking Windows & Doors Patio Door Locking Garden Offices
Multipoint Locking Windows & Doors Window Locking Garden Offices
Multipoint locking windows & doors
Our garden offices come with domestic grade multipoint locking windows and doors. Great for securing your garden building and its contents! Euro cylinder locks are used in our uPVC doors in a 9 point locking system to ensure maximum safety and security.
Patio Sliding Door Helena 4.3x3.3 Left
Patio Sliding Door
The Helena Garden Office features a Patio Sliding Door with a walkthrough width of 0.66m or 2’2”. The door will not only let in plenty of natural light but will also make an attractive addition to your garden. The doors (and windows) also feature trickle vents to avoid moisture build-up when closed. 
Moisture-Resistant Walls and Floor Exploded Wall
Moisture-Resistant Walls and Floor Exploded Floor
Moisture-Resistant Walls and Floor
Our unique design hinders moisture buildup inside the office. The walls of our Garden Offices have layers of shiplap cladding, moisture resistant membrane, thermal insulation panels and interior walls of Gypsum Fibreboard, which is also fire-resistant. The pressure -treated floor bearers are covered by a layer of Wood Plastic Composite, followed by layers of insulation and MFP fibreboard. These layers minimize the transfer of moisture through the floor and walls, making your garden office a comfortable working environment all year round.  
Fire-Resistant Inner Wall Comparison Fireboard
Fire-Resistant Inner Wall
The inner walls of our Garden Offices are made using a fire-resistant fibreboard – a hard-wearing made from recycled paper fibres and Gypsum (Hydrous Calcium Sulphate). You can be sure in the knowledge that your Garden Office has increased protection from fire. The fibreboard comes unpainted, but you can decorate it to your taste, as it is a good surface for paint and is easy to wallpaper.
15mm Shiplap Cladding Garden Offices
15mm Shiplap Cladding
Shiplap cladding is named after the old boatmaking technique where the boards overlap. This means that the natural timber can expand and contract with the seasons and not create gaps. The curve or channel of shiplap cladding enables water to run off easily
Energy Saving Insulation
The walls, floor and roof of our garden offices are all insulated to lower energy costs. We use Polyurethane to insulate our garden offices, which is proven to retain heat better than cheaper alternatives such as polystyrene or rockwool. The U values of our insulation are as follows: 0.21 W/m2 K in the roof, 0.62 W/m2 K in walls, and 0.70 W/m2 K in the floor.*Insulation offers a reduction in heat loss from an area that has been heated to a different temperature. If no heat has been applied, the inside temperature will be nominally the same as the outside temperature.
What is a Garden Office?
A Garden Office is a garden building used to create an office away from your home, separating your work life from your home life.

A Dunster House Garden Office is made from slow-grown spruce, 4mm toughened glass and polyurethane insulation, creating a thermally efficient, smart looking product.
What Foundation Do I Need For This Garden Office?
We recommend a flat, level concrete base at least 100mm bigger on each side. e.g. A 4m by 3m building would have a base of 4.2m by 3.2m See more details here.
Do You Offer Any Guarantees Or Warranties On This Product?
We offer a genuine 10-year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on pressure treated timber.
How High Is This Garden Office?
It is 2.48m (8' 1") high
Do I Need Planning Permission For This Garden Office?
Take our quick survey to find out! We also recommend you check the government planning portal.
Is This Garden Office Insulated?
This Garden Office contains floor, roof and wall insulation. The type of insulation we use is called Polyurethane, which is proven to retain heat better than polystyrene or rockwool. This Garden Office also feature 28mm double glazed units to aid in retaining heat.
Does This Garden Office Come With Electrics?
Owing to the multitude of possible configurations available for power and lighting we have left these offices for customers to supply and create their own, exactly how and where they want them.
Does This Garden Office Need Treating?
This Garden Office is pressure treated so will not need retreating against fungal decay and insect infestation for up to 10 years. However, we do recommend treating with water repellant for timber maintenance.
Where Can I Visit You? Do You Have A Store Near Me?
We have 6 branches across the UK. Click here to find the nearest one! Please check with us before you visit if you are travelling to see a particular product.

Helena 4.3m x 3.3m is presently only on display in our Bedford Branch.

We deliver our products to mainland United Kingdom (England, Wales and Scotland). Some exceptions apply; these are illustrated on the map below.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details. FREE delivery on selected products over £200 to mainland England and Wales.

Delivery Price

Green - £19.99 delivery fee on all orders under £200.
Yellow - £59.99 delivery fee.
Orange - £84.99 delivery fee.
Red - We are unable to deliver to these areas.

Assisted Delivery

If you cannot provide an able bodied person to offload the vehicle with the help of our driver, we can provide additional manpower with our Assisted Delivery Service. The driver will arrive with some help to unload the lorry, meaning that you can put your feet up.

We offer this service on all items that are delivered, we do not offer this on our couriered products. Prices for this service can be found on individual products.

Should you require further information on our standard or assisted delivery services, please contact a member of our Sales Team.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

To ensure the very best quality, we only use slow-grown White Spruce Timber, which is harvested in cold climates to ensure solid, dense log rings. This gives the wood superior strength and longevity, and also a much more consistent colour than the likes of Pine.


Despite the care we take in selecting the very best Timber available, it’s not like predictable brick or cold steel, this natural material has characteristics and quirks unique to every log.


Because our timber logs once fed water and nutrients back and forth from its roots to its leaves, its very nature is to be porous and swell up when it gets wet. Any wooden product will do this throughout its life, but there are a few things you can do to help limit this movement.


These include:

1. A great design!

  • Don’t worry, we’ve got this one covered. We’re experts when it comes to all things timber, so we have designed our products from the ground up with its natural properties in mind.

2. Water Repellent Treatment.

  • How you customise and decorate your product is up to you, however we would recommend that you use an appropriate water repellent treatment. This really helps minimise the amount of moisture that the timber can absorb. Therefore minimising the risk of any major movement.
  • (Please note: water repellent treatment is not the same as pressure treatment, which protects against rot and insect infestation, and which we guarantee for 10 Years!)

3. Ventilation.

  • Keeping your timber building ventilated is no less important than keeping your house well ventilated. This is especially true if you plan to cover up your floorboards with something (double check with an expert, that the material is suitable to do so), as moisture can become trapped between layers of non-breathable materials and build-up, leading to floors becoming rotten.

4. Regular Seasonal Maintenance.

  • Whether you opt to build your product yourself, or have us do it for you, don’t be afraid to tighten the odd bolt here and there. Your product is a life improving investment, so it’s only right to give it some love and care from time to time. Make sure that it’s properly treated before the rainy months, and you make adjustments to doors and window frames, when needed.


Natural Timber Properties

After building your timber product, this natural construction will begin to ‘settle’. This means that you will likely see some natural timber imperfections appear. These types of natural imperfections can include:


  • Cracks



  • Splits

  • Shakes



  • Warping / Twisting


  • Expansion and Contraction



Please be aware that, as these are natural timber properties they are not considered as defects under our Terms & Conditions (for more information, check out our Ts&Cs here). However, in most cases, these imperfections will not impact the integrity or function of your timber product, and/or can easily be rectified. For advice on how to rectify these and for more support, please get in touch with our Customer Services Team on


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