Our Timber Products

Dunster House is a family run company. All of our products are unique to Dunster House, designed in-house and manufactured in the family’s dedicated production factories. You won’t find the same products anywhere else in the UK.


Why we use Spruce Timber

Typically, log cabins and other garden products are made from two types of softwood – Pine (redwood) or Spruce (whitewood). We tend to use whitewood, to produce sustainable garden products. Spruce (whitewood) is more expensive than Pine (redwood) but it is considered to be more resistant to warps and splits than Pine (redwood), which is among the reasons why we choose to pay more in order to buy Spruce timber than we could pay if we bought Pine.

Spruce is considered more stable as it expands and contracts less than the Pine (red

wood) that is used by many of our competitors. This is because it is less porous, so less able to soak up water in the air from humidity and rain than Pine, and it is also not susceptible to blue mould fungus which frequently occurs in Pine. If you live in a house with a timber frame it is highly likely to be Spruce as the construction industry has long understood the superiority of Spruce over Pine in their requirement for a strong, stable softwood. This stability means that the Spruce walls of our garden buildings minimise gaps appearing as the timber changes less in size with weather changes.


The other benefit to using spruce over pine is that spruce is less resinous. This means that our spruce walls will produce a lot less sap than a competitor’s pine walls. So there’s less chance of ruining your furniture or clothes.

Pressure Treated Timbers

All of our garden buildings have pressure treated bearers and several of our products are fully pressure treated. The pressure treated timber on our products comes with a lengthy 10-year guarantee against rot and insect infestation if you upkeep the guarantee conditions. You may wish to apply water-repellent treatment to help reduce the amount of water that the timber takes on.


Responsibily Sourced Timber

We responsibly source our timber from sustainable forests in the cold northern regions where timber grows slowly. We all know the old adage of counting the rings to see how old a tree is. Our timber grows slower, takes longer to get to size and so has more rings in it. This means it has a tighter grain, and each ring helps prevent cracks and shakes appearing in the timber.


Natural Properties of Timber

Timber is however still a natural product. It isn’t a piece of extruded plastic or cast metal, instead wood grows naturally in the forest and each piece has its own unique properties, which many people consider to be part of its charm as a material. So, whilst we choose the most suitable species of wood and keep our quality control measures high to ensure it’s consistent quality, timber will still have cracks and warps in it albeit to a lesser degree than our Pine using competitors.


By choosing the best type of timber for this type of building and ensuring we keep to strict quality control measures in the family’s production facilities, we ensure you get the best timber for the purpose and at a reasonable price.


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