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How should I prepare for my installation?

Our most frequently asked question, how should I prepare for my installation? Your favourite words are going to be planning and preparation when it comes to building your cabin. As long as you are prepared for the task you are going to undertake, then it will be an easy challenge to accomplish. 

We know it can seem daunting when you think about building your Log Cabin yourself but, as more and more of our customers are proclaiming, it is much easier than you think. Your Log Cabin Kit will have all the fixings you will need to build it when it is delivered to your door.


Choose your spot

We would hope that prior to purchasing your Log Cabin, you have looked into where it was going to be placed in your garden. Whilst the majority of our Log Cabins have been made so you do not need planning permission to place them in your garden, there can be exceptions to this. If you have not done your research beforehand, make sure you take the time to look into this before your cabin arrives.

Assuming you already know where your Log Cabin is going to go, you now need to make sure it is ready for your arrival. Ensure your base is dry if you are using concrete and that access to and from the area is obstacle free, you don’t want to trip when moving the product from the front of the house to the back. 


Have your tools ready

Screwdrivers, spirit levels, hammers and other household tools will be used in the construction of our Log Cabin kits. Before you start attempting to build your Log Cabin, make sure you have all these to hand - the last thing you want is to be searching through your toolbox for the right tool or having to delay construction whilst you go out and source it.

Once you know you have everything you need, put them in an easily accessible place that is near to your Garden Building. You don’t want to be running to and from the cabin each time you need a different tool. Lay them out clearly as well so you are not having to go searching through  your tool box at a vital moment either. 

How do I prepare for my installation

Read the instructions

Whilst this might seem like a really obvious point to make, sometimes the more obvious something is, the more likely it is to be overlooked. Many people decide to build the cabin reading the instructions for the first time as they go along. While this may work for smaller home projects, it wont work when building a Log Cabin. 

Read through the instructions thoroughly, double checking the tools and equipment needed (perhaps lay them out in front of you to double check that you have all of them there). This will give you a good idea of where, and how, to start building the Log Cabin or Garden Building.

Try and read the instructions without any distractions as you don’t want to miss anything that may prove vital when building the cabin. Throughout the duration of building the Log Cabin, keep the instructions close at hand to make sure you can double check any points you are unsure of. A good tip is to place them in a plastic wallet when you aren’t using them, this will keep them clean and clear whilst building.


Give yourself plenty of time

Whilst your Log Cabin is going to be a relatively easy task, it is still one that will take some time. 

Ensure you leave yourself enough time to build your Log Cabin, perhaps over a free weekend. You do not want to be attempting this project when you are being pulled hundreds of other ways, you want to make sure that you can really focus.

Make sure you keep an eye on the predicted weather for the time you are planning to build your cabin. You don’t want to start building your Log Cabin in the middle of snowfall or heavy rainfall. 

Don’t worry if your delivery is due before you are planning to build it. This is not a problem. Our Garden Buildings are delivered in a special wrapping, keeping it safe and dry during transit. Be careful when you are opening this to check your delivery as you can use this to wrap your delivery and store it until you are ready to construct your cabin.


Build your base before hand

The most common base for a Log Cabin is a concrete base. If you are choosing this route then you need to make sure you have prepared for this. Digging up a garden can make a lot of mess as you dig up soil, earth and turf. This will need to be cleaned up and disposed of, preferably with a hired skip unless you were planning on transporting it in your own car (we wouldn’t recommend this). 

Make sure your concrete is completely dry before you start building on it, usually this is approximately 48 hours.

If you have purchased our Rapid Grids, the building of your base could not be easier. Whilst you still will need to remove some of your soil, it is not nearly as much as if you were laying a concrete base - typically between 30-40mm will be enough. These will be delivered with your Log Cabin kits so there is no need to prepare for this before. 

The most important part is that your base is that it is flat, square and 100% level. This is vital. If your base is not completely level, it will not only make building your Log Cabin more difficult but it can also develop problems long term. Ensure you double and triple check your base.

Once you begin building, keep your spirit level close to hand as you will need it to check your logs throughout. If you find they are not level, you will need to use packers. Find out more about building a foundation base by reading this article.


Enjoy your new Garden Building
Once all the work is complete and you have finished putting the last of the roof shingles on your new high quality Log Cabin roof, step back and enjoy it. The hard work is over and now the only question you have to ask yourself is how you are going to decorate it. Check out our inspiration page for some ideas.


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