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Man Cave Ideas

Man cave log cabin banner

Sometimes life gets too hectic and you need to hide away and concentrate on things you enjoy. For those of us not blessed with holiday homes or caravans, a bolthole at the back of the garden can provide the necessary level of separation. This space can have many names: man cave, she shed, retreat, hideaway, or just “My Space”. Whatever you would call it, you probably need one! Read on for some some man cave ideas.

There are many different types of man cave, depending on how you are using it. Do you need a space to relax? Or to indulge in a specific, perhaps noisy, hobby? Our log cabins are perfect for all sorts of retreat ideas since they are visually appealing as well as strong and secure enough to hold valuable equipment.

Here are some examples of how customers have transformed their lives:


The Pub Shed


For many people, this is the ideal use of an extra garden room. After initial outfitting expenses, the cost of your nights out will decrease dramatically! No queues or fees to get in, no sky-high drinks prices, no chance you might see someone you don’t want to, or of someone being denied a drink because they forgot their ID. At last but not least you control the music choice, the TV channel and the guest list.

Many guys love going down the pub when the footballs on, but it can get a little expensive over time. This is another amazing perk of having your very own pub shed where you can invite all your family and friends over, to watch the game, race or just simply blast your favorite tunes!

Do you ever lose the TV when the football's about to start and everyone comes rushing in taking over the whole living room? Me too! Another great idea is having a pub shed with a TV, where you can send all the football fanatics away instead of taking over your relaxing time.

man cave log cabin bar

man cave log cabin beelonga cabin

man cave log cabin lantera cabin

man cave log cabin lantera 4.5 x 3.5


The Relaxation Space


A man cave can become an oasis from the stresses of your life. You can choose double glazing and insulation with your cabin in order to create a cosy environment. Our cabins are safe to install electrics into (using a qualified engineer).

man cave log cabin avon 3 x 5

man cave log cabin avon 3 x 5

man cave log cabin carsare 3.5 x 2.5

man cave log cabin carsare 3.5 x 2.5 relaxation room


The Garden Workshop


If you’ve got a particularly noisy and messy hobby – repairing motorbikes, for example, or making copies of film props, then you need your own workshop area. Stop clogging up the kitchen, the spare room or the conservatory!

Your equipment will be stored securely behind our 4 point locking system: a hook, a locking latch and two roller locks. The locks have 6 pins and are tested to BSEN 1303:2005 standard. Also, our windows are glazed with toughened glass. This can stand up to a thrown brick, and if it does crack it breaks into smaller, less jagged pieces than normal glass.

man cave log cabin workshop rhine 4 x 5

man cave log cabin workshop severn 5 x 5

man cave log cabin workshop modetro 5.5 x 3.5


The Home Cinema


The ultimate in household entertainment is surely your own cinema. It can even help quell DVD watching arguments by offering a different venue to watch a film in. Rom-coms in the lounge, and war or action films in the log cabin! our log cabins are easily adapted for all your film needs. Just take a look!

man cave log cabin cinema room

man cave log cabin cinema

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