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    Pressure treated bearers
    Our 70mm thick floor bearers are pressure treated. This forces the treatment deep into the timber using a large pressure treatment tank. This allows us to offer our customers a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on these parts.
    10 year guarantee?
    The floor bearers that offer support to this garage are pressure treated and therefore are guaranteed against rot and insect infestation for 10 years. Protecting your timber thoroughly, you won't need to re-treat the timber for at least ten years or worry about little critters causing havoc.
    Customise your design
    Our Garages can be installed with the windows and doors on either the left hand side wall or on the right hand side wall. You can even change the logs around whilst you build it so that the single door is towards the front of the side elevation rather than towards the back in order to accommodate your personal requirements. You can also choose to have it with or without Georgian Bars, to suit your taste.
    Slow grown spruce
    We use slow grown spruce for the walls of all our Garages as it is better all round than pine! Spruce is less porous than Pine and so less likely to shrink, warp or split. We only select slowly grown timber from colder climates which also helps keep the timber more stable as the rings are densely packed. It is also a less resinous timber than Pine, which makes the possibility of sap ruining your clothes or furnishings much less likely.. Although Spruce costs about 3-4% more than Pine we understand these advantages and are keen for our customers to benefit from them and are sure that this increased cost is covered by the recommendations our customers give when they see the quality of our timber compared to others!
    4mm toughened glass
    We use 4mm toughened glass in our windows and doors for increased safety and security. It's much better than 3mm horticultural glass, commonly found in garden buildings, as it's a lot harder to break, and if ever it is broken it breaks into small pieces rather than large shards. It is also much harder to scratch than the plastic alternatives, styrene, acrylic and perspex, so will preserve your clear view out for far longer.
    2 Point Door Lock system
    Our garage doors feature a dual point locking system. The hasp and staple fastener is fitted to the door and then screwed in. After the door lock is locked, the hasp and staple keep plate installed in the door frame to ensure maximum security.
    Tall walkthrough height
    With our extra tall doors, unless you are over 1.86m (6'1'') tall you can walk right the way through without any danger of bumping your head.
    Avoid sagging roofs
    Our heavy duty 140mm or 210mm high by 45mm wide supporting roof beams prevent unsightly sagging.
    Adjustable Storm Braces
    Our adjustable storm braces tie the garage roof to the rest of the building so it withstands stronger winds. Unlike others on the market they are adjustable to allow for the natural movement of the garage which helps prevent gaps appearing between wall logs as the logs settle and move.
    Optional 14mm Double Glazing
    The double glazing option on these garages is 14mm thick. We make these sealed units ourselves to European Standard EN1279. They are an excellent way of insulating your cabin and extending its usage from a seasonal building to one that can be used throughout the year.
    3 Gate Hinges
    Gate style hinges create a more authentic and traditional finish to your garage.
    Plastic Vents
    We have included ventilation as part of our garage kit to help prevent condensation build up within the building. We use two pairs of plastic base plates, one round and one square. The external round vents have chamfers to help direct water away from the hole, the inner square vents have an integral fly screen to prevent insects from entering through the vent. The pair of vents allows a flow of air through your garage to help keep out musty smells.

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Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

Deore Double Wooden Garage W5.9m x D5.5m

The image above shows a brief reference to how your products will arrive. All of our garden buildings are made from kiln dried quality graded timber, if it is to be stored prior to construction and treatment all parts must be covered to prevent moisture from warping and rotting the timber.

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Average Seller Rating:

Very pleased went together in one day the delivery guys were great and helpful.
By - Robert Day on Sep 29,15

The double garage kit is remarkable value for money and the finished result looks amazing. It was a busy couple of days getting it put up but I managed with a little help from a mate. The basic structure including the roof and roof membrane took about a day and a half to complete then some quiet time on my own with the finishing off - the doors, glazing, roof shingles etc. There were times when I thought I might be short of a few pieces but I was wrong; everything was there as detailed in the parts list. My advice would be to spend several hours reading and re-reading the instructions. It's worth noting that the instructions are not 100% specific to the Deore double garage (being based on a standard cabin) so you need to combine 2 sets of instructions which was a bit challenging! I'm thoroughly delighted to have bought from Dunster House.
By - Paul Cox on Dec 16,14

I have nothing but praise for the garage or the erection team. The quality of the garage is far superior to anything I expected . The two assemblers were great and spent two days putting it up .All I had to do was keep out of the way and supply coffee. My advice to any purchaser is to not even think of either erecting the garage yourself or getting your local handyman on the case . Secondly I would advise that you had someone there to protect it with paint or stain immediately so that the building does not hang around in an unprotected state . Patrick Dawson . Saddleworth .
By - Charles Dawson on Jul 18,14

I am very pleased with my purchase . I am pleased with the quality of the garage and very pleased with the two men who erected the garage . I am certain I could not have erected it myself . My only comment on how matters could be improved is as follows . Be aware that this is not a complaint . It would be better if one could pay a little extra to have the wood pr treated, i.e. before erection . I have painted it but the vast majority of thr structure is inaccessible to paint which will leave it prone to early rotting . I refer specifically to the beam which is in direct contact with the concrete base . Happy with my purchase . Patrick Dawson
By - Charles Dawson on Jul 13,14 Dunster House reply:
Thank you for your review, Charles. Do not worry, the pressure treated bearer, the beam that is in direct contact with your base, is pressure treated and guaranteed for 10 years against rot and insect infestation.

What a great kit. Very easy to assemble and finish. Please advise of the fire risk rating for my health and safety officer.
By - Wayne Browning on Jul 09,13 Dunster House reply:
Thank you Mr. Browning, we are glad you enjoyed building your log garage! Thank you for pointing out the fire rating required for building regulations for larger buildings. We offer Fire Retardant paint as an optional extra to help customers meeting this regulation where required.

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