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Coronet Log Cabin W3.0m x D3.0m
Just completed building the Coronet cabin. Really pleased with the quality and feel of the product. Only difficult bit was the door frame assembly and screwing it into place (needed two people). Also purchased ex-display greenhouse / shed combi at the same time. Would not hesitate to recommend Dunster House for any product. Customer service also excellent when support needed. Thank you!
Mike Butt - Jun 25, 2018
Coronet Log Cabin W3.0m x D3.0m
Just completed building the Coronet cabin. Really pleased with the quality and feel of the product. Only difficult bit was the door frame assembly and screwing it into place (needed two people). Also purchased ex-display greenhouse / shed combi at the same time. Would not hesitate to recommend Dunster House for any product. Customer service also excellent when support needed. Thank you!
Mike Butt - Jun 25, 2018
Avon Log Cabin W2.5m x D2.5m
Just wanted to drop a quick email to say Thank you, the drivers who delivered yesterday were great & very knowledgable about the product which helped me sort it all ready for construction today. I’ve had a professional installed build the cabin today and I’m very happy with the quality and finish. Very pleased with the whole process from ordering to delivery. Many Thanks Paul
Paul Ogden - Apr 12, 2018
Vantage 250 Summerhouse W2.5m x D2.1m
very pleased with the vantage 300 received delivery on the 02/07/18 took me 3 days to erect and a week to paint in sea grass and white daisy
keith Bird - Jul 18, 2018
Vantage 220 Summerhouse W2.2m x D1.9m
Hi, just finished erecting and painting the exterior/interior and have to say that we are absolutely delighted with the end result. No problems with the building of the unit, and great quality at a great price
David Box - Oct 18, 2017
Vantage 220 Summerhouse W2.2m x D1.9m
This is review of the Dunster House 2.2m x 1.9m summerhouse, We chose a black shingle roof and Cornish cream paint. Having considered several alternatives we settled for The Dunster House summerhouse. As we were restricted for space we decided against the 2.5 x 2.1 due to the roof overhang of 9" and 12" in each corner which should be factored in to the overall measurement. The summerhouse arrived in sections some of which are quite heavy and require two persons to lift. The materials used are fairly substantial and the instructions are easy to follow. Having the right tools and a knowledge of DIY is an advantage. My only criticism is the fitting of the metal roof housing and ball. I chose to purchase a threaded metal rod from B&Q for £4 which attaches to the ball and fits perfectly through the metal roof housing and brass looking bracket that holds the purlins, secured with two nuts from the inside. Roof shingles are supplied by IKO , their website has some useful hints. We encountered no issues with customer services, any query we had was dealt with in a friendly and helpful manner. The summerhouse was delivered ahead of schedule, is well made and an attractive addition to our garden. We are very pleased with the overall results and are glad we made this choice.
Gareth Jones - Sep 18, 2017
Lienne MKIII - Right W5.0m x D3.9m
Excellent value for money and quality - I researched the market for months! Really pleased with my office and the installation team were great. Have now had the office for over a year and use it for work and a hobby room with bar of course.
Greg De Saulles - Mar 23, 2018
Lienne MKIII - Left W5.0m x D3.9m
Easy and clear instructions provided, but DO study them well (for at least a week!) and thoroughly understand them before starting. Make early decisions of where downlights and electricals are going to go, as it is then easy to make provisions/run/hide cables as you progress and before the floor and ceiling go in. Would also recommend organising the pieces around the site, so they are easy to identify and 'appear' in roughly the right order - hunting through a heavy stack to find a buried critical piece is not fun! We did take ~6 person days to properly prepare the space, level the ground and run the armoured electrical and data cabling in first, then 2 person days to assemble and level the bearers on the RapidPads. The rest of the structure took 8 person-days (using two/three competent-ish, but not massively strong people!) to complete the external structure and weatherproof it. Tip : The 11 large wall panels are very heavy and awkward to manoeuvre, and especially when aligning and 'slotting' together, and you desire to keep your fingers - we used some old rubberised grab rails screwed temporarily to the outside cladding to provide the lifting power (2 folk lifting, one "steering"/"persuading" the panels to lock together). Engaged a plasterer to skim the inside, then after plaster had thoroughly dried (5 days), completed the internal work (apply trims, coving, painting, downlights, trunking, sockets, and finally, floor covering.
Andy Daw - Jan 13, 2017
Piccolo W2.2m x D2.2m
A fantastic product with easy to follow instructions. It's been a great addition to the garden and I look forward to writing inside come christmas.
Victoria Warner - Oct 25, 2016
BalconyFort Searcher W4.7m x D3.8m
Just completed the build of the Balcony Fortress and I have to say it looks awesome. It took me and my Dad just over a day and a half to complete and other than a couple of less than clear steps in the instructions it was mainly straightforward. All items were delivered in good order and all the screws, bolts and sundries arrived in a storage box which I thought was a good idea. We received a couple of wooden parts which were warped and as to be expected with a natural product but when fitted the effect was minimised. The finished effect is really striking and it looks better in real life than in the pictures. The climbing frame feels solid, the balcony adds some 'first floor' space and the swings are quiet (which is a nice change from our old ones). We were torn between the Balcony Fortress and and Manor Fort Stronghold but the balcony, the wooden roof and the additional monkey bars sold it for us and we all agree this was the correct choice. Thanks Dunster House for a pleasant buying experience and providing our kids with hours of fun.
Daniel Green - Aug 01, 2018
MegaFort Mountain MKII W7.1m x D4.9m
Fantastic climbing frame, the kids love it. We were hesitant buying something like this online but after a lot of research we decided to go for it; and we are not disappointed. The customer service, delivery and overall product have exceeded our expectations. We decided to get help assembling MegaFort Mtn, 2 carpenters started work on it around 930am and were finished around 1400 - worth considering as it's flatpacked and it most likely would have taken us 2 weekends to assemble! The carpenters also passed comment on the quality of the climbing frame. Our kids are 5 & 3 and we expect to get years out it, they love it and want to go out all the time and the additional pirate pack makes it even more fun. If you have enough space in your garden I'd say go for it! I was would have no hesitation going to Dunster House for other products in the future.
M Brown - Mar 15, 2018
JuniorFort Tower Climbing Frame W3.2m x D2.9m
Really pleased with the purchase. Very solid, easy to assemble on my own. Kids love it, Will last for years
Charles McDaid - Feb 14, 2018
Dutch Barn W2.4m x D2.4m
Delivered yesterday with no hassle. Appears to be well made and where the boards are nailed to frame it all looks tidy. Has a good coating of pressure treatment. The only thing I would say is that if you are going to be adding a lot of weight to the inside of the shed that you use a layer of 18mm OSB3 under the chipboard they provide and also over the roof as the boards are very thin. I also got a roofer mate to torch the rolls of felt on as underfelt and torch a professional felt on top but that's just me being me maybe. A few extra quid and you have yourself a cracking shed that will last for years. I would most definitely recommend this shed.
Mark Salter - Jun 26, 2018
Birgi Pressure Treated Shed W2.44m x D4.2m
Excellent quality of joinery and panelling. Two of us assembled the floor, sides and roof in one day and finished installation of windows doors and roof covering of square roof shingles in the second day. Feels sturdy and looks really smart. Would recommend to anyone wanting a shed that's built to last.
Nigel Heath - Mar 01, 2018
Birgi Pressure Treated Shed W2.44m x D1.84m
I looked around for some time to find a quality shiplap shed of this size with floorboards and roof planking rather than OSB or chipboard. This shed is more expensive than others at first glance but once delivered the difference in quality becomes apparent, bearers are cut millimetre accurate and panels are of good straight, low knot planking and an exact fit on the bearer base, with good additional reinforcement once assembled. Compared to cheaper sheds this looks far better and should last many years longer. it is easy to achieve a good square shed with basic DIY skills and I installed this one on a wheeled base of decking timber, to allow it to be moved from one side of the garden to the other, as we intend to do some landscaping in the near future but needed a shed for storage pronto. Delivery was also quick and efficient using the vehicle tracking facility. Thanks for good service and quality.
Rob Howard - Nov 23, 2017
Brontes Lean to Carport W2.6m x D7.93m
Love it. Fantastic. Use it every day now it’s summer.
Russell Lofthouse - Jun 14, 2018
Trent Lo-Roof Wooden Garage W3.97m x D5.5m
I've completed building my Trent low roof garage and i'm really pleased with it. Everything went smoothly as far as putting it together. I would recommend studying the instructions for a few hours before you start building just to get an understanding for what you are doing. But i have to say it was pretty straight forward to put together and looks fantastic now its finished. One thing i will also mention is not to underestimate how long it takes to stain it all. Its a pretty big building and having to stain it twice does take a while. I purchased The PremiumPlus Light Oak Treatment (SX70) with the cabin and it is superb in application and water resistance. All in all very happy with the quality of the product and Dunster House's service. Thank you.
Richard Shepherd - Mar 11, 2018
Brontes Lean to Carport W2.6m x D7.93m
Just finished building my Radley corner cabin. I must say that i am well chuffed how it looks. Photo attached. I must also say that the process was very easy, minus a few hiccups which customer services sorted out. I saw a few negative reviews prior to ordering, but decided that i still wanted to order. Glad i did as i am more than pleased. Installation is a bit more complicated than looks and instructions are very vague. Even the joiner that installed it for me was left scratching his head a few times, but we managed to get there in the end.All in all very pleased. . The delivery people were great and as i was not able to lift anything I paid for a two person delivery. They hand balled it off the lorry and put it in a chosen spot in the back garden.Very helpful.Would certainly recommend.
Russell Lofthouse - Nov 20, 2017
Atlas Open Gazebo W3.2m x D3.2m
I was a bit worried by the negative reviews on sites regarding DH but given the number of buildings/gazebos etc they supply I decided it had to be a small minority and so ordered an Atlas Open Gazebo. I have to say it is magnificent! The delivery was as planned, at the right time etc and the delivery guys worked hard and were very courteous. The quality of the wood is great and the assembly instructions are clear enough for a competent DIY'er. It says it's a full day for 2 people... I did it on my own but with my wife helping to lift, carry, pass etc and spot the ladder, and it took about 20 hours, made much harder by only having ladder access to 3 sides. There is one point where you have to lift the centre bracket with 4 purlins attached onto the frame, I would suggest 3 people at that point, we managed with 2 but only just. Soooo glad we didn't buy a solid oak one, that would have weighed a tonne! It looks amazing, so pleased. Thank you!
Paul Dansey - Jun 24, 2018
Atlas Open Gazebo W3.2m x D3.2m
Saw it loved it just what we were after - Delivered within appx 10 days-instruction were easy to read- put the main frame up within 2 days bearing in mind I am 70- but weather been to bad to finish so waiting for better weather. All round good information on erecting this product- cannot wait for better weather to finish. Star rating for the service given 10/10 wth this company and extremely helpful.
Bernard Blankhart - Dec 20, 2017
Atlas Open Gazebo W6.0m x D3.2m
We have been looking for a wooden Gazebo that was big enough to go over a hot tub and deck furniture. The end result is a fantastic solid structure. Our Gazebo is secured to foundations underneath the decking, so it has reduced the net height of the gazebo by about 6 inches. This was intentional. A one person job to complete the construction, it took 3 weekends (including rearranging the decking to accommodate the pillars. It is a very satisfying end result. Just needed some help to get the main end purlins lifted and in to place. The instructions are very clear and in plain English. There are a lot of pieces to the construction, particularly the roof boards. But we took time to sort them all out in to the various sizes, which made the roof board task easier in the long run. Once we understood how the roof shingles are fitted and measured, it was quite straightforward. A couple of homemade templates, out of hardboard, for the ridge shingles made cutting and spacing very easy. We ended up with a pack and a quarter of shingles left over, so plenty to spare. Only one minor issue, we were missing some nuts. But an email to Dunster House and they were in the post the same day. So the customer service was excellent, including the arrangement of the original delivery. There is only one thing that we would have done differently: Had a two person delivery team to help unload. All in all: a great product and a great purchase. Many thanks.
Peter Grantham - Oct 02, 2017
x3 Glamping Pods W3.0m x D3.0m
We have two on our camp site Mill Park Touring Site in north devon and hope to buy another three this year, they are great my customers love them and come back year after year Each one as paid for its self in one year,10 out of 10 Thank duster house
Steve Hill - Feb 06, 2013
Composting WPC Toilet MKI
It's fantastic very professional you designed & made Bit tricky to assemble at first. We've not connected solar yet. It's nicely seated in france on our lake Thank you
Mags Swaine - Sep 28, 2016
Cabin Corner Bar
I received my corner bar the other day. We are both amazed at how big it is and how good quality and strong the wood is. So glad we came to you for this and the price for what we got it for is amazing. Thanks again it will be well used.
Debbie Wallace - May 14, 2018
Cabin Corner Bar
Brilliant from start to finish, call to say when delivery date was confirmed, text to say delivery on way, easy to construct.
Danny Waley - Feb 14, 2017
Cabin Corner Bar
Found this item at Dunster House. Exactly what I was looking for and very reasonably priced. Delivery was speedy for such a large item, received 3 days after order. Easy to read assembly instructions and put together by myself within a couple of hours. Looks great in my log cabin.
Spencer Stevenson - Dec 20, 2016
Swazi Thatched Gazebo W3.3m x D3.3m
Very pleased with Gazebo, sturdy robust, and very good quality. Installation instructions coupled with additional helpful hints from delivery driver quite straight forward as long as marking out is accurate and site is level. Friends and family suitably impressed would certainly recommend.
Brian Ellis - Jul 03, 2014
Swazi Thatched Gazebo W3.3m x D3.3m
Very pleased with Gazebo, sturdy robust, and very good quality. Installation instructions coupled with additional helpful hints from delivery driver quite straight forward as long as marking out is accurate and site is level. Friends and family suitably impressed would certainly recommend
brian Ellis - Oct 16, 2013
Pennines Full Picket Fence
very pleased with purchase, thank you.
christine mandley - Nov 11, 2016
Pennines Full Picket Fence
1. Delivery Very friendly and efficient delivery guys who put the panels exactly where I wanted them. The tracking service was especially helpful. 2. Quality Picket fence panels: Very well made and I especially liked that the palings were affixed the rails by screws rather than nails. As the fence needed to go up a slight slop this meant I could align the rails to the gradient and by undoing the bottom screw of each paling I could then swing them back to vertical and get a perfectly aligned sloping fence without stepping the panels. 2. Posts: These were of very high quality with radius edges.Buyers who are thinking of using Met posts with these should know that they are 70cm and the Met posts you get from B&Q etc are for 75mm posts so they're a bit too big. I used Postcrete which is a better method anyway, especially in a garden with Chalk beneath,as mine is. Dunster products are by no means the cheapest but I'm of the age where "buy cheap buy twice" is my maxim, and the quality of these materials assures me that I'll never have to replace this fence in my lifetime!
Phil PLATT - Oct 15, 2016
Pennines Full Picket Fence
This fencing is exactly what we were looking for and was very easy to attach to the posts once they were in situ. They are very sturdily made and can be adapted to go down sloping drives by removing 2 screws at each end, getting the angle needed and replacing the end screws in the new position. We are very pleased with the fencing and think it looks great. It is a pity that you don't make a similar fence painted white as white picket fencing is very popular. I am attaching a photograph of the completed fence.
Peter Swarbrick - Sep 28, 2016
Log Store W1.84m x D0.93m
From cutting the bands to finish literally took half an to complete the assembly. Superb product...!!!!
Steve Cussen - Jan 17, 2018
Log Store W1.84m x D0.93m
Best log store I have ever bought and I have bought 5 before this. Held loads of logs and is very very sturdy and strong, as well as looking as great as it does in the Dunster pictures. Only one small fault and that is that the M10 nylock nuts provided turn the coach bolts round when trying to tighten them. I replaced them with some normal nuts and it was fine. Maybe Dunster should do the same as nylock nuts are a lot more expensive than normal ones and more used on machinery to prevent them from vibrating loose. Anyway it's a brilliant log store and I'm ordering another! I'd send a picture only I can't because I avoid I-phones like the plague.
robert rawson - Nov 02, 2017
Spiel Wagon W1.1m x D2.9m
Excellent product and very quick delivery.
Linda Neno - Apr 06, 2016
Spiel Wagon W1.1m x D2.9m
After looking at many children's Shepherds Huts I decided to buy from Dunster House and I'm so pleased I did. The lady on the telephone when I ordered was brilliant. It arrived the following week and the two men delivering were very helpful and organised. The easy to follow instructions made it a pleasure to put together. I managed the majority on my own with a little "help" from my husband. I would definitely recommend Dunster House as I found them to be very professional every step of the way.
Mandy Lindley - Sep 29, 2015
Dear Mandy. Thank you for your review and beautiful photos.
Spiel Wagon W1.1m x D2.9m
I am really delighted with the caravan. Firstly you were so helpful with delivery when I gave you a tight deadline so that I would have it for a birthday. I found the assembly simple to follow with clear illustrations. I found that having a bit of help building the chassis was a benefit but thereafter it was a one man job. The grandchildren love it
P Chadwyck-Healey - Jun 12, 2015
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