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PremiumPlus Coronet Sunlight Log Cabin W3.0m x D3.0m
We are very pleased with our new Summer House I have attached photos of it completed
patricia judson - Aug 25, 2016
PremiumPlus Lantera Log Cabin W4.5m x D3.5m
Thanks a lot dunster house for top quality cabin/ Bar. We took delivery of our lantera 3.5m by 4.5m. Although we installed the cabin ourselves, the delivery driver always more than happy to give us a few tips and pointers before leaving. The cabin itself is perfect, strong and sturdy, and looks amazing. Always goes down well with friends or family when round for a social! Or as just a little getaway! Would highly recommend dunster house! Top quality cabins and top class service
Danny Nightingill - Aug 24, 2016
PremiumPlus Lantera Sunlight Log Cabin W4.5m x D3.5m
We are absolutely delighted with our summerhouse, my husband found it quite straightforward to assemble once, he read the instructions. It is my peaceful haven, with a good book and a bottle of wine, I could be anywhere!
Margie Rogers - Aug 21, 2016
Vantage 250 Summerhouse 2.5m x 2.1m
Having purchased this summer house unseen I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived on time within the 2 weeks promised. Paid for the two man delivery which was great as it is a large/heavy load. Although I am competent at DIY putting the building up and completing the shingle roof on in a day is very ambitious. I found that the building went up easily in a day and the roof a further 1.5 days is more realistic (check-out You Tube for practical ideas re shingling the roof). The summer house has been treated with 3 coats of cream cuprinal inside and out and looks really good. Overall we are delighted with the result. My only comments are that some of the timbers were a bit rough and its a pity that the main frame is not pre-drilled.
John G - Aug 20, 2016
Vantage 300 Summerhouse W3.0m x D2.6m
Very pleased with our summerhouse. Fairly easy to erect. We managed to do it in two full days including fitting the shingles on the roof and then a few extra hours to paint. We have lined the interior, put in click type flooring and connected it to the power supply. And now enjoying sitting with a glass of wine with the garden surrounding our new summer house.
Andrew Ferrill - Aug 16, 2016
Vantage 250 Summerhouse 2.5m x 2.1m
Excellent product very well maid, went together well, looks great in my garden
Terry Rosewell - Aug 16, 2016
Theodore Garden Office W3.8m x D3.3m
I am very happy with my new office. It was rather more expensive than other options but I think is worth it as it is a quality product and looks amazing. Hopefully it will add value to our property too. Friends have commented that it should win architecture awards. I think it wasn't what they expected when I said I was putting a shed in the garden! I was impressed by the team that installed it. They worked hard and completed it on time. It seems to be well constructed and is comfortable to work in. I'd definitely recommend this product. If you get this remember you need to fit your own flooring. It might have been good if that could be an optional extra. Perhaps it already is?! You will also need to get an electrician to hook it up to the mains.
Hugh Townsend - Aug 16, 2016
Dear Hugh. Thank you for your review. We are really glad that you're happy with your new garden office. Our Theodore Garden Offices are sold with a floor made of 45mm Insulated SIP Panel (10mm MFP / 25mm Insulation / 10mm MFP), but we do not sell any carpets.
Lienne MKIII - Right W5.0m x D3.9m
Absolutely delighted with the product, looks fantastic in the garden and our builders said it was really easy to assemble. Service was great from start to finish from Dunster house and I now have a beautiful garden office to work from with enough space for the kids to play in too.
Rhona Cloherty - Aug 02, 2016
Lienne MKIII - Left W3.8m x D2.7m
We wanted a working space at the top of our uphill garden which would command the magnificent view that we do not get from the house. The Lienne MKIII has proved exactly right in terms both of internal space and of openness to the outside world. It also sits well in its natural surroundings: good clean modernist lines without making a brash statement. It is thoroughly well-designed, uses high-quality materials (excellent insulation, and a really thick roofing membrane, for instance), and gives a real sense of solidity. I would say that this is an excellent product. I decided to assemble it myself (I should perhaps mention that I am a complete and ageing amateur), and this has given me particular insight into its construction, which has been very carefully thought out. Apart from the help of two strong men for the really heavy work of putting the wall-panels together (and the services of a professional plasterer and electrician), I completed the whole project virtually single-handed. For the sake of complete transparency, I should mention that I encountered a few small issues along the line: minor deficiencies and inconsistencies in the instruction manual, and a wrongly supplied part, but I was in the end able to overcome the former, and the latter was resolved by the company to my satisfaction. These are insignificant incidents in the context of the whole project, which I have enjoyed, and the results of which give us all great pleasure.
Nicholas Mann - Apr 30, 2016
FortPlus Escape W4.2m x D3.7m
Great piece of kit. My little boy really loves it, especially the swing as he is only little. We specifically bought from Dunster House because of the pressure treated timber and that it should last him 10 years. Fairly straight forward to put together, two of us managed it in 4-5 hours taking lots of breaks as it was the hottest day if the year! My advice would be to get your hands on a socket set to use as it will certainly save you some time.
Damion Lewis - Aug 23, 2016
FortPlus Escape W4.2m x D3.7m
Bought the Fortplus Escape for a very excited 3 year old. It definitely needs two competent adults to put together as some of the pieces are quite heavy and it requires some co-ordination but generally it is very well designed and easy to assemble (a good toolkit is a must). The finished product is fantastic and perfectly suited to children from 3 years onwards. We (and the excited 3 year old) are very pleased with it and look forward to the years of enjoyment it will provide.
Chris Appleby - Aug 22, 2016
SquirrelFort W4.1m x D3.3m
Very happy with product. It seems all very well made . Very professional company. Friendly delivery men. I can recommend using duster house.
Sergio Cabezuelo - Aug 21, 2016
Daisiley™ W1.8m x D2.4m
Lovely green house, could be a little more information on the plans or id on the parts to help identify them
Pat Watson - May 29, 2015
Tranquillity Greenhouse W2.4m x D1.2m
First class. Very helpful delivery team who helped put everything in the garage. Instructions very clear and when I did have a problem the staff provided help straight away. Thank-you
KEITH rounding - May 28, 2015
Serendipity Greenhouse W1.8m x D2.4m
This green house is sturdy, had all the extras for one price: toughened glass, automatic openers and staging. My daughter loves it! The delivery driver was very helpful.
Marian Lyle - May 28, 2015
PremiumPlus Birgi™ W2.44m x D3.6m
Very happy with our shed - ordering, delivery and construction v efficient.
Caroline Healy - Jul 19, 2016
PremiumPlus Latli™ W3.05m x D1.83m
Fennelmere Potting Shed W2.44m x D1.83m
Extremely impressed with this kit. The design and materials (pressure treated wood, well cut and milled, very nice colour of cedar or redwood - pleasant surprise!) are both excellent, although the fixings (hinges, locking bolt) are a little on the light side. There are a few very minor details in construction that need to be customised, but nothing that a handyman with a few basic tools can't handle. Sturdy construction, and very attractive design. This was built in a small back yard up against a wall and a fence on an uneven slab base. Used Wallboard Mini Megapads and built a floor out of 2 x 4 to the specs of the shed. Due to the way the walls are assembled in units, had no real problems building the shed with virtually no access to it from the outside on two sides. Also used my own roofing felt and shingles, and for security reasons upgraded the hardware. It's a fine shed, and in my mind, very good value.
Malcolm Jones - Mar 31, 2016
Deore Double W5.9m x D5.5m inc. Metal Door
Very quick delivery, driver very helpful. The garage went together very easy and quickly. No problem with the assembly. Did most of the build on my own. Help need with the apex lift and main front to rear roof timbers. Every thing you need to build it supplied and the instructions are very easy to follow. Already had a stranger stop and ask where we got the garage from , his comment "beautiful garage".he took the details . Don't hesitate if your looking for this type of garage and look.
Brian Snowball - Mar 30, 2016
Trent Lo-Roof W3.05m x D5.5m
From Dunster House you get a proper building, anything else is just a garden shed.
John Timmermans - Nov 24, 2015
Trent W3.97m x D5.5m
Delivered quickly on time as promised by a very helpful delivery driver assembled by myself and the help of a friend easy to assemble now in use as a workshop extremely pleased very good value for money thank you Dunster house Ltd
James Lane - Nov 24, 2015
Tahiti Pergola W2.9m x D3.0m
Just one word FANTASTIC
Helen Gale - May 07, 2015
Dalia Arbour W2.0m x D1.2m
The whole process from ordering to delivery to quality of item was first class. Thank you would recommend your products to friends anytime
Gwynne James - Apr 14, 2014
Hey Gwynne, Thank you for your review, we are glad you consider our service first class and our sales team would love to hear from your friends anytime.
Utopia 300 Gazebo W3.0m x D3.0m
Love my new gazebo
Susan Jappy - Aug 22, 2016
Atlas Open Gazebo W3.2m x D3.2m
I'm very pleased with my Atlas open Gazebo from the day I ordered it till the day i finished installing it no problems at all the staff were very helpful..I was kept informed of its delivery all the way through till the end.The installation was straight forward by the manual well done Dunster house.l would highly recommend them to my friends.
Leslie Rainforth - Aug 16, 2016
Atlas Open Gazebo W6.0m x D3.2m
The actual Gazebo is well made ,solid and as the saying goes "You pay for what you get". I would strongly recommend this product and endorse the previous review. Although, you do need someone who is handy to put it together(preferably four people. The end result is fantastic and well worth the wait, all family and friends will be impressed. It certainly stands out and acts as an enjoyable place to be in the warm weather.
mike sidwell - Aug 04, 2016
TruggyWug™ MKII W0.7m x D2.0m
I am very happy with the TruggyWugs that I've bought from you. It was very easy to built and all of our the residents, relatives, staff and visitors loved the effect it has given to our courtyard. The height of it makes also perfect for people in wheelchairs as it encourages them to joining in planting. Thanking you so much for such a wonderful and useful product that I am happy to recommend to any of my colleagues and friends. :-)
antonio rodrigues - Jun 24, 2015
TruggyWug™ MKII W0.7m x D2.0m
Waiting patiently for bulbs etc to grow...excellent purchase. Construction a pain but do-able. Saw similar stuff in garden centres either of inferior quality or far too expensive. Quite happy to recommend you to future customers.
James Collins - Mar 17, 2014
Hope BBQ Stove W0.30m x D0.51m
Well made portable wood stove for camping, fishing or use in the garden or for taking out on pick nick outings. The big improvement this stove has got over the Frontier stove is the much improved chimney sections with a wider circumference to improve combustion and airflow. I chose the chimney pipe add on extras with bends to allow the stack to exit out the side of an open bell tent. The side warming plates are great for added hot surface tops for keeping cooked food warm. Overall, probally the best portable wood burning stove available, being the most efficient and at a very competitive price. Get one!
Robert James - May 10, 2016
Hope BBQ Stove W0.30m x D0.51m
Purchased the stove for some Hot Tenting (winter camping) The stove has been used three times now and warms the tent up in about ten minutes from very cold to oven temp. It is very good also for warming and cooking on the top plate. The stove is highly recomended for winter camping and outdoor activitities.
JONATHON SPURR - Dec 09, 2015
Hope BBQ Stove W0.30m x D0.51m
With all respect to Dunster House and their Hope stove, I came upon this product because of my experience using my friends stove, the better know 'Frontier' and whilst looking for the best price on a Frontier discovered that there was an alternative in the Hope. After much debate and analysis I was persuaded in favour of the Hope on price, because it was under £100 compared to the Frontier at £153. All I can say is now it has been delivered the Hope is every bit as good as the Frontier, better built in some areas, not so in others, overall I would rate it on par with the better known unit. The Hope's lower price and hot plate extension were the two factors that persuaded my to take a punt and now I have the stove all I can say is I have no regrets. If you are reading this at a time when the Hope is 'normal price' then it is a close call, still cheaper than a Frontier and with the hot plate extension, the Hope may well be for you. It terms of 'which kit' to buy, it's really simple, the short kit is stand alone for outside use where as the full kit includes flue bends, brackets and an insulated double skin section for use in a shed or tent (properly ventilated of course). I use mine outside as a stand alone whilst camping so only needed the short kit. Martin
Marin Donze - Sep 27, 2015
Glamping Cocoons W3.0m x D3.0m
We have two on our camp site Mill Park Touring Site in north devon and hope to buy another three this year, they are great my customers love them and come back year after year Each one as paid for its self in one year,10 out of 10 Thank duster house
Steve Hill - Feb 06, 2013
Eco UDS Composting Timber Toilet
I have just finished constructing the Dunster House Eco Toilet that I purchased last week. If you're like me and get to the end of your garden and feel the need and wonder if you'll make it back to the house, then you need one of these. I was surprised when it arrived at just how comprehensive the kit was. It is designed to be completely off grid. It comes with two toilet compartments. Use one, move to the other when full and allow to compost. It had a separate urinal for the gents and the urine diversion system means no smells from the bins. A clever idea is the sink waste water that flushes the urinal. The sink has a tap ,I believe, similar to caravans. An electric switch in the tap operates a submersible pump. The solar panel keeps your 12 volt battery charged up after you use the tap, light and, oh yes, the 12 volt charger for your phone! Construction is straightforward with the minimum of tools and effort. The door, door frame and door furniture are very solid indeed. If you were putting this away from your house in a field perhaps, then it has a secure lock to keep unwanted guests out. I really don't think you can find better on the market for this price.
John Carter - Aug 17, 2015
Cabin Corner Bar
Hi I recently purchased one of your cabin corner bars and would just like to say that we are absolutely delighted with it. Easy to assemble and a very substantial piece of furniture, great value for money. Your customer service was excellent. I tried to write a review on the page of this item but was unable to do so, but am happy for you to put this on there. Thank you
Mr A Byrne - Feb 09, 2016
Dingane Thatched Gazebo W2.8m x D2.8m
its now 4 months since erection, the weather has not helped however still impressed would buy from dunsterhouse again
alan smith - Jun 23, 2016
Dingane Thatched Gazebo W2.8m x D2.8m
firstly may i say how impressed i was with both the drivers and installation team. Very polite , very professional nothing too much trouble. the structure itself was very sturdy and looked exactly as the photograph. I would recommend dunster house to all and sundry. No complaints whatsoever. 10 out of 10.
alan smith - Feb 03, 2016
Swazi Thatched Gazebo W3.3m x D3.3m
Very pleased with Gazebo, sturdy robust, and very good quality. Installation instructions coupled with additional helpful hints from delivery driver quite straight forward as long as marking out is accurate and site is level. Friends and family suitably impressed would certainly recommend.
Brian Ellis - Jul 03, 2014
Sophie Victorian Candy Cart W0.9m x D1.8m
We wanted a cart that would be sturdy and safe around all ages. This is exactly what we got! Small problem on delivery as the display box was missing but customer service was excellent with the parts being sent ASAP and even some extra timber that we had asked for included as a goodwill gesture. Can't wait to get this cart on the road to weddings & parties etc… We will be recommending to others. Great service thanks
Tez Hallam - Jul 03, 2014
Sophie Victorian Candy Cart W0.9m x D1.8m
We wanted a cart that would be sturdy and safe around all ages. This is exactly what we got! Small problem on delivery as the display box was missing but customer service was excellent with the parts being sent ASAP and even some extra timber that we had asked for included as a goodwill gesture. Can't wait to get this cart on the road to weddings & parties etc... We will be recommending to others. Great service thanks
Tez Hallam - May 31, 2014
Ava Canopy Gazebo W3.1m x D4.1m
We use this for a cover for our hot tub enclosure all year round rain or shine we are in our hottub great build and quality
Brian Webb - Sep 19, 2015
Ava Canopy Gazebo W3.1m x D4.1m
I am delighted with the canopy. The delivery was on time and the delivery crew were very friendly and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed building the canopy and it looks great in my garden.
Kenneth Edge - May 28, 2015
Rabbitopia W3.0m x D3.0m
Just to say that I am still as, if not more pleased with my rabbitopia after a year of Bunny residents. When the weather got cold I covered the mesh lookout windows with plastic so they did get icy rain on them. It got so wet that I also ended up putting straw down (it was either that or swimming lessons) Doesn't seem to have prevented the grass coming back though. My rabbitopia is worth every penny.
Jackie Bunyan - Jul 19, 2016
Rabbitopia W2.0m x D3.0m
Our new bunnies are settling in very well, they kept warm and snug last night and today they mastered hoppng up and down the shelves, they seem very happy bunnies thank you!
Justine Digweed - Apr 01, 2016
Rabbitopia W2.0m x D3.0m
Very pleased with our Rabbitopia - very happy bunnies too! Great service and lovely product.
Keith Morse - Nov 30, 2015
Pennines Full Picket Fence
Excellent service, very pleased with the fence. I have painted it white using 3 coats of Ronseal special undercoat and Ronseal special gloss guaranteed to last 10 years. Have to find out how add photos!
Les Billins - Aug 17, 2016
Pennines Full Picket Fence
Nicely finished and robust. Just what I was looking for.
David Gullen - Aug 05, 2016
Pennines Full Picket Fence
Really good quality fence, excellent condition, would definitely recommend dunster house
Michelle Rea - Aug 04, 2016