10 Reasons Why You Need a Shoffice

Wondering what to do with the shed that’s sat at the bottom of your garden?

Ever feel like you’re missing out? Having to drag yourself off to work when you know your friends can roll out of bed ready to work from home?

Maybe you have or want your own business but nowhere to base yourself and make your own.

The rising trend of the ‘Shoffice’ is becoming so popular for so many reasons. As experts in the field of garden buildings, this was no surprise to us.

We love the new word- Shed + Office = ‘Shoffice’!

Knowing the endless opportunities that having a Shoffice can offer, we decided to help you out with a handy list of 10 reasons to get one for your home.

Create a Garden Office

If you work from home, are self-employed or just need somewhere to focus, you might consider finding yourself a quiet place to work other than the dining room table. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a study in our house, or the option to extend. We know that extending isn’t an option for everyone, which is what makes choosing a garden office so popular. If you have a shed in your garden, why not swap it in for a Shoffice?!

Home Office Shoffice

Share the Space

It might not just be you who is after their own space in the house. If your garden room is big enough, it can easily accommodate a games room, playroom or craft room for someone else in the family too! Why not look into a multi-room log cabin to transform into your Shoffice?

No Need to Rent a Salon 

If your work is more hands on than just sitting behind a desk, you might need a private space at home for your clients to visit. Shoffices can also be used as hair salons, nail salons, beauty salons, dog grooming rooms and much more. Avoid high rent charges!

Beauty Salon Shoffice

Escape to the Craft Room 

Your favourite hobby might be something that needs its own work space, to clear your head, avoid distraction, and keep all the mess in one place! A Shoffice allows you to hide out in the garden, and craft or paint the day away.

You Might Need a New Studio 

If you have a business that requires storage of large equipment, and a space that is free from noise or distraction, a Shoffice would be perfect. The bottom of the garden is the perfect space for a photography studio, music studio or art studio.

Home Gym

Personal trainers can bring their work home by turning their shed into a gym. Or if you just want a nice location to work out at home, your Shoffice can double up as a home gym. Blast out the motivational music without disturbing other members of the household!

Home Gym Shoffice

Office and Lounge

A Shoffice doesn’t need to have only one function. If it has different areas within it you can make it double up as a place to relax as well as work. What a great way to make use of your garden and the pace you have at home.

Shoffice Lounge

Shed Storage and Office

Putting emphasis on the ‘Shed’ part of the Shoffice- if you would rather keep your shed as a useful garden storage room, why not add a sidestore to your Shoffice and allow your garden building to have several different functions.

Schoolwork Study

Not every student wants to use their bedroom or the kitchen to do their homework. If your child has trouble concentrating on revision or schoolwork, they could use the Shoffice as their own personal study.

Meeting Room

You might need a peaceful place to hold local meetings, work meetings or to take a conference call in peace. Escape from the house and set up your Shoffice as a perfect meeting place.

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