Log Cabin Interiors Garden Inspiration

We are frequently asked how to best decorate the interior of a Log Cabin. Customers spend hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest looking for inspiration and can often become over-whelmed by the number of different ideas there are out there. With this in mind, we want to show you a crash course on the easiest ways you can transform you’re your log cabin inside.

The Social Room

Pour the drinks and relax! The first stop in this Log Cabin Decorations guide is the bar!

Probably the most popular use for our cabins is to turn them into a private pub. Your pub, your music, the drinks the way you like it – what more could you want? Luckily Dunster House offers some incredible Log Cabins that are perfect to create a garden bar from. Also, they come as a blank can-vas inside, so you can decorate however you wish.

Garden Bar Log Cabin | Garden Inspiration

The Relaxation Room

With a cleverly placed bookcase full of your favourites and music filling the cabin, it can be the place to unwind peacefully after a long day at work. Alternatively, it can make the perfect spot to sit on a Sunday morning with the latest newspaper, a cup of tea and your furry friend.

Maybe this can be the space to sit and talk with your family, a chance to catch up on each other’s day and any other topics of discussion. Turn it into a gorgeous snug room and it is perfect for a home cinema! Cosy log cabin interior is something that would thrive here, unleash your inner de-sign flare!

This is James’ cosy garden retreat, how cool is this!? Read more and find out why James went with a cosy retreat.

 Relaxing Log Cabin | Garden Inspiration

The Next Big Thing

Practice your singing or play your musical instrument without the worry of noise complaints from neighbours, police or your own family. Our thick timber walls will reduce the noise coming from the cabin so you can crank it up a notch. Meaning it would also make for the ideal space to house some DJ decks, ready for you to experiment with some tunes!

Check out Danni’s music studio log cabin for more ideas!

Music room Log Cabin | Garden Inspiration 

The Games Room
Everyone needs a games room in their home. A place where they can completely socialise with their friends or family whilst surrounded by all the comforts of your home.

Our Log Cabin can comfortably fit a poker table, dart board, pool table and somewhere to rest your drinks – there is still space for more games if you think of some. Why not cook some food, stock the fridge (or install a mini fridge) with ice cold drinks and get ready to invite everyone round to a game’s night.

Alternatively, if your house has some young tenants, this would be the dream place for a play-room. You can also make a space for an arts and crafts station to let the creativity of your children, thrive.

Games Log Cabin | Garden Inspiration 

The Home Gym
Sometimes going to a public gym can seem daunting and scary, or it can be quite time consuming getting there and back. By having your own personal gym space, you can focus on your session and only that. No queueing for the machines and weights or squeezing next to someone of the gym floor, sounds pretty good to us.

Home gym log cabin | Garden Inspiration

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