Utopia 300 Gazebo


Gazebos – a wooden garden structure adding style, character and a year round social space to your garden! Do you love hosting garden parties during the summer? With a Dunster House Garden structure, there is no need to limit the time to party and have fun in the garden to just the summer season. Relax and unwind no matter what the weather, have a change of scenery and enjoy your garden to the max.

Chunky, slim, heavy duty, enclosed, open, grand or small. You tell us your garden gazebo needs, and leave the rest with us. If your looking for something to fit a small, medium or large garden, finding the perfect garden structure is just a couple of clicks away!

Chunky Gazebos

Add a grand centrepiece with a chunky fully pressure treated gazebo. Available in an array of different sizes ensuring there is one perfect to fit and suit your garden. Our chunky garden structure range works for so many needs from a hot tub shelter, social area, garden bar or even an outdoor play shelter.

The heavy duty framework has the most robust, thickest posts on the market – 120mm x 120mm thick. Keep any chunky gazebo outside in your garden without being impacted by the unpredictable weather.

Sit the chunky structure within the heart of your garden and make it the focal point. Alternatively, situate it at the bottom of your garden for the perfect escape space.

When choosing a gazebo, you should know that chunky designs are made to stand out more, becoming the main focus point of a garden due to their thick, solid structure. Gazebos make an ideal addition to your garden, enhancing its aesthetics and giving it a distinct personality.

Leviathan Chunky Gazebo 4m x 3m

Slim Gazebos

Bring your garden decking to life with a slimline Gazebo. Enjoy long days out in the garden unwinding or spend the evening with your loved ones for a catch up. Gazebos make your garden functional all year round, so choose your favourite slimline gazebo today.

With strong 70mm posts you gain durability, as well as a sleek look. Our range of slimline gazebos come in five different sizes, meaning that you can easily find the perfect gazebo to fit your garden. Even the smallest garden can boast a beautiful garden structure to enjoy the outdoor space.

Utopia 300 Walled Gazebo 3m x 3m

Corner Gazebos

Maximise the use of your garden without overcrowding the available space with a chunky corner gazebo. Create a snug seating area within the corner of your garden, escape from day to day responsibilities and simply enjoy the great outdoors. Soak in that Vitamin D during the summer months, but also embrace the fresh brisk breeze whilst being protected from environmental factors.

Choose from an open corner structure or a closed version, featuring balustrades, making it a cosy enclosed area. There is a wide range of corner gazebos in a selection of sizes. If you think a corner gazebo is for you and your garden, measure up and get in touch!


Hot Tub Gazebos

All roofed gazebos make the perfect shelter for your garden hot tub, but the perspex domed Erin gazebo is the most favoured style. Relax with an evening in the hot tub whilst admiring the beauty of the gleaming stars through the dome, fitted within the roof. Make use of the sun beaming through during the day too. The overall design of the Erin is minimal, it gives you the flexibility to add your own unique touches to it.

If the idea of having your very own garden spa sounds like something you need, then you may want to check out the best ideas for a hot tub shelter for some inspiration.

Erin Hot Tob Garden Gazebo 2.5m x 2.5mErin Gazebo with Dome – Half Height Solid Wall Panels W2.5m x D2.5m

Customisable Gazebo Panels

Some of our gazebo ranges have a customisable option where you can add additional gazebo side panels. Adding walls to the side may give you and your family a little more privacy from neighbours and protect you from the natural elements. There are three options available, giving you a fair amount of flexibility.

Glazed Panels – Close off all the three sides without losing the beauty of the natural light seeping through with the half height, half glazed panel – a way to get the best of both! You can also choose to have glazed panels around the entirety of the gazebo or just on certain walls.

Half Height Panels – Shelter the bottom half of the structure whilst keeping the top half completely open for fresh air and natural light with the wide half height panel.

Full Height Panels – Gain ultimate privacy by adding three full height panels which go from top to bottom. Then you can admire your garden with the gazebo located in an area that is open, yet enjoy the outdoor space however you and your family wish to.

Fully Pressure Treated Gazebos

All Dunster House garden structures are fully pressure treated, reducing the likelihood of rot and insect infestation. Guaranteed for 10 years for peace of mind and assuring quality! When investing in a suitable wooden structure for your garden consider the longevity, maintenance and the quality.

Pressure treating timber is a process which requires all the air and moisture to be extracted from the wood, and then a preservative is penetrated throughout it. There are alternate ways to protect timber, however they are not as long lasting or as efficient.

Pressure treated timber doesn’t need much maintenance, saving you time and money. Discover our guide on how to maintain pressure treated gazebos.
 Leviathan Chunky Gazebo W5m x D3m

Garden Gazebos

Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes, choosing the correct one for your garden can be daunting as you want it to look perfect. Here at Dunster House we have many experts at hand to guide you in choosing the perfect garden structure from our wide range of gazebos and pergolas. Simply contact us in a way that is convenient for you, and we can commence in finding you your dream gazebo!

Building and Laying a Base For a Wooden Gazebo

Here at Dunster House, all of our products are DIY designs. When it comes to building your very own wooden Gazebo, it may sound like a challenge, but we assure you it’s not as difficult as it sounds! If you are truly considering buying one of our Gazebos, you may want to read more on how to build a wooden Gazebo.

If you’ve made the decision that a wooden Gazebo is for you, you may want to factor in some kind of base layer for where your Gazebo is going to sit on. Depending on where you plan to locate your gazebo, its crucial to start considering this early on. Read our helpful additional blog on how to, Learn more about the process of laying a base for your wooden Gazebo.

building a wooden gazebo garden structure


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