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Our Eco Composting Toilet is an ideal solution for any location that does not have accessible water or sewer system connections.  It is solar-powered (12V battery not included), so it doesn't even need to be hooked up to electricity. Featuring a Urine Diversion System, which separates urine and solid waste, the composting toilet is the ultimate solution to ecological sanitation. The urinal flushes using hand-washing water, and the waste can safely be taken to a soakaway. Please check with your local authority before disposing or using any of the waste associated with this product.

Our Eco Composting Toilet is an ideal solution for any location that does not have accessible water or sewer system connections. Composting toilets are an excellent example of sustainable design. They provide a safe and effective way to save resources and prevent pollution, whilst saving money and energy for the owner and the community. At the same time they produce a valuable end-product that can be used to fertilise the soil. They are ideal to use in places such as Allotments, Farms, Festivals, Campsites, Recreational areas and Holiday Homes with a waterless toilet. 

The Eco Composting Toilet features a Urine Diversion System, which separates urine and solid waste; it is the ultimate solution to ecological sanitation. It protects groundwater, surface water and soil from sewage pollution, also preventing the accumulation of hazardous pathogenic waste, thus solving the problem of disposing sewage sludge to landfill. It saves huge quantities of water in a world where water is an increasingly scarce resource.

It is designed to be easily installed and one of the key features is the Urine Diversion System, allowing you to reuse waste by storing it. Using the correct procedure, over time the waste can either be used as fertilizer or compost which is essential plant nutrients. Compost contains nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and micronutrients such as manganese, copper, iron and zinc, ensuring your crops receive all that they need to flourish.

Smell can often be a big deterrent with toilets but due to the urine and waste separated, the process of fermentation is prevented, and so are the odours. Further protection against unpleasant odours is improved by the ventilation pipe with a fixed air vent to direct the flow of air to ensure the Eco Composting Toilet is well ventilated.

As with all of our other timber products, the Eco Composting Toilet is manufactured using high quality slow grown spruce. We use this type of wood as it is less porous and resinous than pine, spruce is also less likely to shrink, warp or split. It is also less likely to produce sap runs which can ruin your clothes if it comes into contact, hence why we prefer to use spruce rather than pine. 

Product Features
Humanitarian Waterless Sink
Humanitarian Waterless Sink
Our Compost Toilet features a Urine Diversion System which reduces the water used and wasted on flushing, and is ideal for locations without access to a sewerage system or or which have a lack of readily available  water.
Humanitarian DIY Product
Humanitarian DIY Icon
Easy DIY
The Compost Toilet is designed to be easily installed and comes with clear instructions and the necessary fixing pack.
Humanitarian Reusable Waste Tank
Humanitarian Reusable Waste
Reusable waste
The Compost Toilet allows reusing wastes after being separated by the Urine Diversion System. By storing them and following the correct procedures for an adequate time they can be reused as either fertilizer or compost.
Humanitarian Avoid Planning Permission II
Avoid planning permission
All our buildings marked with this symbol are under 2.5m high.
Why does this matter? Well, under permitted development rights someone can place a garden building as close to a boundary as they want without planning permission unlike buildings that are over 2.5m high which would need to be placed over 2m away from any boundary.
If you want to find out more about permitted development rights see our planning guide
Humanitarian Avoid Unpleasant Odours
Humanitarian Avoid Unpleasant Odours II
Avoid unpleasant odours
The odour you associate with portable toilets is caused by a mixture of bacteria when solid and liquid waste combines in one bowl. Our Eco Toilets separates the urine and solid waste immediately, preventing the process of fermentation and reducing the unpleasant odours commonly associated with portable toilets. There is also an automatic fan inside a ventilation which all helps to miminise odours. 
Humanitarian Ventilation
Humanitarian Ventilation II
The Compost Toilet has a ventilation pipe with a fixed air vent to direct the flow of air and ensure your eco toilet is well ventilated.
Humanitarian Slow Grown Spruce
Humanitarian Slow Grown Spruce II
Slow grown spruce
We use slow grown spruce for the walls of all our interim housing as it is better all round than pine! Our mature timber is much less likely to shrink, warp or split. It is also less likely to sap, which means it is not going to ruin your clothes or furnishings.
Humanitarian Solar Powered
Humanitarian Solar Powered II
Solar powered
Our Composting Toilets can stand independently from electricity sources due to the solar panel on the roof. This solar panel charges a 12V battery pack (not supplied) which, in turn, powers an electric water pump that feeds water through to the sink so you can wash your hands. This also powers a multi-charging point which helps to keep the phones charged.
How high is this Eco-Toilet?
It is 2.38m (7' 9") high
Does this Eco-toilet need to be plumbed in to a water source?
This Eco-Toilet does not need to be plumbed in to use. The sink system works off a container that must be filled up with water. The Toilet system is designed to not need water to function.
Can this Eco-Toilet be painted?
This Eco-toilet can be painted to suit your space.
Do you need to run electrics to this Eco-Toilet?
This Eco-Toilet is self-sustaining due to the solar panel, which powers the water pump and 12v light.

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Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

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