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Decorating Inspiration: Log Cabin Interiors

We are frequently asked how to best decorate the interior of a Log Cabin. Customers spend hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest looking for inspiration and can often become overwhelmed by the number of different ideas there are out there. With this in mind, we want to show you a crash course on the easiest ways you can transform your cabin.


The Social Room

Pour the drinks and relax! The first stop in this Log Cabin Decorations guide is the bar! Probably the most popular use for our cabins is to turn them into a private pub. Your pub, your music, the drinks the way you like it. Dunster House even has some options to help you out! There’s the Low Top Log Bar is available from just £249.99 and the fancier Cabin Corner bar from £369.99. Both are perfect for having a few drinks after work without putting up with noisy crowds and loud music, it all comes down to your preferences and budget.

Low Top Log Bar Dunster HouseCabin Corner Bar Extra Dunster Housecustomers idea bar darts


The Relaxation Room

With a cleverly placed bookcase with your favourites, and a sound player filling the cabin with your music, a cabin can be the place to unwind peacefully after a long day at work. Why not sit on the sofa and spend some quality time with members of your family, away from the distractions of television, internet and the latest apps on their phone. Make a pot of tea and just sit enjoying each others company.

dunster house living room cabin interiorrelax room shelves living room ideas log cabins


The Next Big Thing

Practice your singing or play your musical instrument without the worry of noise complaints from neighbours, police or your own family. Our thick timber walls will reduce the noise coming from the cabin so you can crank it up a notch. Once you have perfected your sound, the installed sofa provides space for your relatives to come and listen, helping to expel stage fright.


The Games Room

Everyone needs a games room in their home. A place where they can completely socialise with their friends or family whilst surrounded by all the comforts of your home. Our Log Cabin can comfortably fit a poker table, dart board, pool table and somewhere to rest your drinks – there is still space for more games if you think of some. Why not cook some food, stock the fridge (or install a mini fridge) with ice cold drinks and get ready to invite everyone round to a games night.

decorating a cabin man eden game rooms decoration ideas Dunster House

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