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What are the features of a Dunster House Log Cabin?

All of our log cabins are expertly designed and crafted with our customers in mind. Every single log cabin is constructed using the finest timber to ensure it lasts for years to come.




Our log cabins come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The majority of which are under 2.5m high and therefore are unlikely to require planning permission. The log cabins come in a tiered system, Standard, Premium and PremiumPlus log cabins.


The walls of our log cabins are made using the whitewood, spruce, as it has less sap in it than pine. To find out more about the timber we use please see our timber products. Premium cabins are made with wall thicknesses of 19mm, 28mm and 45mm. While the wall thickness for the PremiumPlus cabins come in 28mm, 45mm, Dual and TripleTherm (130mm). Our standard log cabins are made using the same high quality materials as our Premium and PremiumPlus log cabins; the only difference is that our standard log cabins only come with 19mm and 28mm walls. For more information on wall thicknesses and which would be more appropriate for your planned use click here.


To ensure no gaps form between logs, our cabins feature adjustable storm braces. Timber is a naturally resourced product that is likely to expand or contract in adverse weather conditions, especially when it is very cold or extremely hot. The storm braces attached to the log cabin can be tightened to ensure any gaps are closed, the option is there to loosen the bolts if you wish too. We allow you to position the storm braces either outside or inside the cabin, the decision is entirely up to you. However, we recommend that storm braces are placed outside if you purchase a PremiumPlus Log Cabin with a 130mm wall thickness.


The windows and doors you receive for your cabin depend on which tier you purchase. If you purchase a Standard log cabin your windows are fixed, and the doors come with our industry leading Standard Locking System (Latch & Deadbolt). Our Premium log cabin opening windows have a standard stay arm locking system and a Standard Locking System (Latch & Deadbolt) on the door. PremiumPlus cabins come with a multipoint locking system on all windows, and an impressive 4 point multi-locking system on the doors. For more details on the Premium and PremiumPlus windows and doors please see here.


All of our log cabins feature industry leading tall doors! The walk-through height on our Standard, Premium and PremiumPlus cabin doors is 6’2’’so you are less likely to hit your head. Some of our competitor’s doors could be as low as 5’8’’, certainly not ideal if you are above that height.




The glazing options you receive depend on which tier you purchase. Our standard log cabins are single glazed as standard. If you purchase a Premium log cabin; you have the option of single or double glazed, the double glazed options features 14mm thick glass. Our PremiumPlus log cabins have the option of either single or double glazed, with the double glazed featuring 24mm thick glass. All windows that are single glazed feature 4mm toughened glass as standard.


If you are looking for a log cabin with longer windows, then our Sunlight log cabins are fit for purpose. Featuring longer, contemporary style windows which allow more light into your cabin and in turn offer a more picturesque view of your garden. The 4mm toughened glass we use in our windows and doors as standard offers the perfect protection, unlike plastic or Perspex it doesn’t scratch or cloud up over time. Excluding Sunlight Log Cabins, our Standard, Premium and PremiumPlus log cabins come with beautifully sculpted Georgian bars as standard, just to add that touch of class to your cabin, but these are optional to fit and can be left off if you prefer the look without them.


Our Premium and PremiumPlus log cabins not only come in different shapes and sizes, our range is so expansive that we offer practical solutions to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Our Sidestore and Veranda log cabins are different in many ways, but both make your log cabin that extra bit special. Our Sidestore log cabins come with an extra storage area on the side of your cabin, which is ideal for storing your garden tools, toys and furniture. Our Veranda log cabins come with a traditional style porch and decking at the front of your cabin, providing you with extra space to relax outside. If you are after a specific size, style, or have an idea on how you would like to use it, at Dunster House we have a range of cabins to suit anyone’s requirements.

All of our log cabins feature floor bearers which are pressure treated to protect its foundations from damage by insects and fungal decay. Without pressure treated bearers moisture would damage the lower aspects of the cabins which is why it is vital that the bearers are treated to ensure longevity and protect the foundation on which the log cabin is based. For more information on how to maintain your cabin please see here.



Please be aware that our Standard, Premium and PremiumPlus cabins do not automatically come with floors. This option must be selected, allowing you to choose the thickness of the floor. Depending on the cabin tier you can then add insulation, treatment, roofing materials and many more optional extras to create a comfortable, stylish cabin that will last!