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A Stylish Addition
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  • Product: Utopia 200 Gazebo
  • Category: Gazebos
  • Year Purchased: 2014
  • Tags: Recreation

A Stylish Addition

wooden gazebo hot tub

This case study focuses on Janine and Paul Peryer's story and how they have transformed a part of their garden into a perfect spa with the help of our Utopia 200 Gazebo.

Here is their story.

An attractive and protective solution

For Janine and Paul, the main reason for purchasing one of our beautiful and stylish gazebos was to provide a weather cover over their hot tub:

"We wanted a gazebo to cover our hot tub", explained Janine, "It had to be wide, deep and high enough to accommodate the cover of the hot tub opening."

The end result was astonishing to the eye, as Janine explained "It enhanced our hot tub and gave us the rain/cold protection that we wanted."

Choosing a Dunster House product

The elegance, sophistication along with the quality and competitive pricing were the main reasons for closing the deal:

"The product was stylish and looked good quality, fitted the size that we were looking for, as well as that the price was keen."

Likewise, the service provided by our staff was really satisfying and helped to push the decision forward, "We seemed to have our request allocated to 1 person who seemed very helpful without being too pushy."

The building process

The building process seemed to have been an easy and stress-free one, and was completely finished in just two days with a lot of breaks in the middle.

"Very easy. The main support structure took 1 day and the roof one further day."

Paul and Janine are just perfectly happy with the end result. They confessed that they already had a design in mind for the space before the project even started. However, there seems to be no plans at the moment for future improvements.

A huge success

Predictably, the Utopia Gazebo has been a huge success with friends and family.

"They were very impressed with the quality versus price and they mentioned that they might look at Dunster products as and when they would need a building."

When asked if they would buy from Dunster House again, Janine replied: "Yes we would and we have already mentioned the company to relatives who are considering building an office and studio in their garden."

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