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Case Study – Lee Shaw
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An Outdoor Office


The outside of Lee Shaw's garden office.

The outside of Lee Shaw's garden building.


In this case study, we're looking at Lee Shaw, who transformed our Rhine 500 4m x 5m 130mm into the perfect office space for his commercial cleaning company. As the business had grown, the paperwork had begun to spiral out of control, leaving the family in dire need of space. Here's how Lee solved the problem.


Choosing a Dunster House garden building
With both a growing family (baby Alfie had recently arrived) and an expanding business, Lee's decision to purchase a garden building was motivated by a lack of space. "Our paper work was taking over our house", said Lee. "We decided to purchase the log cabin from Dunster House to allow us to expand our business and give us our house back; it was the ideal solution and has worked perfectly."


After deciding to take the plunge, Lee did some research and found that Dunster House stood out from other companies. "I researched all of the different styles of cabins and manufacturers, and Dunster House was by far the best for quality and service (based on reviews I read)…


"We could not be happier with the cabin and what this now offers us for our business and family life."


The building process
The Shaw's garden building was easily assembled in just a week, without any major problems. "It took us seven days to fully assemble the log cabin," said Lee. "This included the insulation, electrics, carpet etc. The instructions were very easy to follow."


The smoothness of the process was partly due to the excellent customer service offered by our staff. "The Duster House team were great from day one, with the sales guys and girls on site, to the accounts department and even the delivery people. (It was) one very good experience and (I) would certainly deal with them again."


The interior design of Lee Shaw's garden office.

The inside of Lee's garden building.


A minimal design
The interior design of the garden building was largely an organic process. "We had no design ideas in mind before we purchased the unit, once we started building and could see the size and layout in better detail the design inspiration took over."


The finished cabin is a truly functional space, which gives the Shaws a quiet escape from the house from which they can manage their business. The minimalist design allows the wood to speak for itself, proving that sometimes simple is best.


The sofa area in Lee Shaw's garden office.

The seating area inside Lee's cabin


The ideal solution
The cabin has been a huge success, solving the lack of space dilemma and impressing friends and family. "People are amazed with what we have achieved and everyone that has seen it wants one," says Lee. "I have recommended Dunster House over 50 times already!"


"My favourite aspect was fitting the log cabin out … all the little thing like the TV, desks, carpet, lighting etc. (It was) great fun."


When asked if he would work with Dunster House again, Lee replied: "Yes in a heartbeat – (a) great product and great service!"

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