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Made In Chelsea’s Tiffany Watson – DIY Garden Gym

In this episode of Dunster House TV where we will have a look at ‘Made In Chelsea’ TV personality and social media influencer Tiffany Watson – McGeehan’s, garden office turned into a garden home gym. Having caught her attention with our fantastic social media reviews, Tiffany decided to buy one of our Titania Garden Offices, which is the perfect fit for Tiffany’s garden.

Having moved into their house, Tiffany and her husband Cameron knew doing a home and garden renovation would be the best way to make their new house into their dream home, perfect for their family.

Why a home gym, I hear you ask? With Tiffany’s busy schedule, a long commute to the gym was not always achievable, so having a home gym in her Dunster cabin allows her commute to get a workout in is now just a few seconds!

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Paralympic Athlete Lauren Steadman’s “PAIN CAVE” Log Cabin!

Dunster House Cabins are purchased for various uses, from home offices, gyms, beauty rooms or simply chill-out spaces – the possibilities are endless, but you may be surprised to hear that Paralympic Athlete Lauren Steadman MBE will be using her Terminator log cabin 2.5m x 2m as part of her daily training regime.

Lauren Steadman is the current Paralympic Triathlon Champion and recent Nordic cross-country skier having participated in four Paralympic Games in Bejing, London, Rio and Tokyo where she was awarded the gold medal.

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Rebecca’s Cosy Chunky Gazebo

After a lockdown realisation that more social outdoor space was required, Rebecca began to look for something which could be used for relaxing with friends and family.

Rebecca wanted an outdoor space that fit in with her gorgeous garden as well as being able to stand the test of the British weather, perfectly our W4m x D3m Leviathan Open Chunky Gazebo was the perfect addition to the garden.

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Katie and Rob’s Sports Bar

Katie and Rob are huge sports fans and wanted a place to watch and enjoy all sports with all their friends and family. After renovating the garden, it was a no brainer for them to have a space they could relax and chill out.

Katie and Rob were keen to build a year-round space, and that is why they decided on the W5m x D3m Severn Log Cabin in their garden.

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Neil’s Traditional Pub Shed

Neil lives with his lovely wife Lindsey, son Gregg and daughter Lauren. As a family of 4, lockdown got the better of them and they all really needed a social spot to relax, have some fun and simply escape.

Neil was keen to build a space for year-round use, and that is when he decided on getting a Pub Shed. With the 4m x 3m DaftBadger Pub Shed Log Cabin in the garden, there is still ample space for an alfresco dining area, outdoor sofa and an integrated hot tub.

Mousey’s has been designed as a traditional pub, with a dedicated bar, and large sofa providing tons of seating space. Even though it is a pub, Neil uses the space to work from too.

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Tony’s Pub Shed – The Doghouse

Tony lives with his partner and 21-year-old son, Lewis. After being trapped in the house for so long with numerous lockdowns and restrictions in place, they created their own entertainment and chillout space.

They initially had some outdoor furniture and umbrella at the bottom of the garden, but have now upgraded the space with the Severn 5m x 3m Log Cabin. It took roughly 3 days to install the log cabin kit.

The Doghouse is a project Tony is extremely proud of, and he finally has a year-round relaxing space he can use with family and friends. Tony has created the illusion of going ‘out-out’ without having to actually leave the house.

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The Millbrook Golf Club

The Millbrook Golf Club is a members only club based in Bedfordshire. They recently made an investment in a selection of garden buildings which are now enabling them to offer and provide better services to their members and employees.

They are now able to store all their buggies in the Double Doored Deore Garage, and host events and gatherings all year round with the Leviathan 6m x 3m Gazebo. In addition, they have the Lantera Log Cabin which is perfect for teaching staff to escape from the elements during play.

Make an investment that will enable your business to be bigger and better!

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Nicola’s Family Pub Shed

Nicola and her family had many holidays planned over the last two years, however after many lockdowns later, they decided to create their own entertainment space in the garden.

The DaftBadger Pub Shed sits in the back corner of the garden far enough to escape from the house. In ‘The Willow Shed’ there is a fully stocked bar, cosy seating space, a TV and cosy electric log burner.

The whole family enjoy the space together, as well as with their own friendship groups. Don’t miss out on the fun, bring the fun to your back garden!

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Andrew and Becky’s Modern Garden Bar

Andrew and Becky recently landscaped their garden giving it a modern contemporary look, and always had plans to have their own garden bar. This came a lot earlier on the cards after being stuck at home for many months on end.

They have the Rhine 4m x 3m Log Cabin which sits in the left-hand corner of the garden. The garden room sits on grey decking and has been painted in white and navy.

Inside the cabin they have a beautiful mirrored wall bar, a large seating space where they can serve beverages, a TV and a sofa area which was all handmade.

It was a family effort in erecting the building, which they had up in near enough a day! Bring your pub shed dreams to life with a log cabin kit!

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James’ Garden Sports Bar and Man Cave

James’ moved home in January 2020 with his partner Pamela, and the first renovation on his list was the garden. It is his favourite place to be during the summer months and it has always been a dream of his to have his own man cave that he can enjoy with his family and friends.

‘Bubs Bar’ speaks for itself. The inside has everything a man cave and sports bar needs with multiple bar stations, a music juke box, a darts board, a large pool table, a TV and comfy sofas. The Vanguard 6m x 5m Log Cabin sits at the back of the garden, and has a real wow factor when you enter James’ Garden!

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Peter’s Art Studio

Peter is a freelance artist who worked from the spare bedroom of his family home. He wanted to free up some space in the house and create a guest room, so decided to utilise the space outside in the garden.

The sweet Avon Warmalog Cabin sits beautifully at the bottom of Peter’s garden. He now has a fully kitted log cabin with all his stationery, paints and even has his own comfy working station.

Finally, Peter can comfortably work from home and have a spare bedroom for his guests!

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Paul’s DIY Summerhouse

Paul recently moved into his new retirement home with his partner Chris and was adamant to dispose of the worn-down shed that sat centre stage of the garden.

After hours of research Paul chose the Terminator 4m x 3m Log Cabin which he has transformed into a tranquil garden retreat to enjoy no matter what the weather. Paul has a reasonably sized garden and managed to get another log cabin which he uses as a shed and occasionally as a workshop.

From an old shed, Paul now has a welcoming place to relax in the garden come rain or shine.

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Allen’s Photography Studio

Allen is a full-time photographer who always hired out studio space within his local area. After many lockdowns and studios closing down, he decided to utilise the space in his back garden.

Now with the Terminator W4m x 3m Log Cabin, Allen has a fantastic all year-round space that houses all his photography equipment as well as space for him to shoot and do admin work.

Minimise risk, reduce office rental costs and cut the commute by bring your business HQ to your back garden.

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Helen’s DIY Arts & Crafts Studio

Helen has always had a love for art and crafts, specifically sewing! After years of keeping this as her hobby she has now opened her own workshop/HQ in her back garden.

The Modetro Grande W8.5m x D3.5m Log Cabin sits loud and proud as the Strictly Quilting HQ! Helen has everything she needs from her own private working area, 6 working stations, a mini shop and space for her admin bits.

Take the plunge and turn your hobby into your business. There is no better way to enjoy work, especially when it is only in your back garden.

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The Dash & Hound Pub Shed

Liz downsized her family home but still wanted a dedicated space to entertain friends or simply escape with her family. She has a relatively reasonable sized garden, and realised she had enough space for more than just a stand-alone garden bar.

The Rhine 4m x 3m Log Cabin or now known as The Dash & Hound in Liz’s family sits in the corner of the garden. The space has been fully kitted out with a fully stocked bar, cosy seating, a TV, games and so much more!

There is no need to leave your home, when you can have your very own entertainment hub at the bottom of your garden.

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Lou’s DIY Beauty Cabin

Lou is a lash technician from Bristol, who has run Love Lou Lashes from the spare bedroom of her home for many years. With a relatively good-sized garden, Lou and her fiance decided to renovate the space and also build a professional working space for Lou’s business.

The 3.5m x 3m BatCabin is what caught Lou’s eye and now sits proudly at the bottom of her garden as her business HQ! The internal space allows Lou to pamper her clients in a professional chic environment as well as teach her students on her training days.

Invest back into your business with minimal overheads like Lou has with her lash business. Avoid shop fees, rentals and drive your small business to success from the comfort of your own home.

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Danni’s Music Studio Log Cabin

Danni recently moved to a new house with her boyfriend, son and dog and instantly knew she would need a dedicated space to run her vocal coaching business. With a large garden, she decided to utilise the space available at the bottom to run ‘Pitch Perfect Vocal Coaching’.

Our Terminator 6m x 4m was exactly what she was looking for. Built and painted in just a few days, the Log Cabin has a waiting area for her students, an area for them to learn guitar and keyboard, band practice rehearsal space and even a place to complete administrative work.

Stop dreaming of owning your own workspace and make it happen.

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Steve and Janette’s Summerhouse Garden Bar

Husband and wife Steve and Janette love nature, entertaining friends and relaxing outdoors. With a small garden, they never thought they would be able to fulfil their summer house garden bar dream until they found the Carsare 4m x 3m Log Cabin.

The Carsare Log Cabin fits perfectly in Steve and Janette’s garden, still leaving them with plenty of space for an outdoor seating area and hot tub! They are now able to use their garden all year round in their cosy summer house bar. The summer house features a TV, soundbar for music, a fully stocked bar and a lovely seating area.

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes that might be awkward to work with, however, there is always a garden room out there for you! Complete your garden like Steve and Janette have with their sweet garden cabin.

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Dan’s Stylish Garden Bar

When Dan’s children grew up, and no longer needed a garden play area, he was left with a large space to fill. He and his wife knew exactly how they wanted to make use of the space at the bottom of the garden. They began researching Log Cabins and soon stumbled across our Terminator 4m x 3m Log Cabin.

It took just two days for Dan to build the Log Cabin, with a helping hand from a close friend. Dan’s wife had a particular vision in mind and wanted to create a stylish, modern bar and chose our Corner Cabin Bar.

The Harringtons have completely renovated their garden to show off the Log Cabin to friends and family in the coming months. Dan says he is looking forward to “15 – 20 guests sitting comfortably” in his garden for parties.

Be the host with the most all year round in your very own bar. No taxi fee, designated drivers or long queues – just plenty of laughter with friends and family.

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Wayne’s Garden Pub Shed

Wayne lives with his wife and two children. They recently had the garden renovated in their new home. Sadly Wayne lost his father back in August last year and wanted to build something in memory of him, and that’s when he found our Avon 3m x 5m Log Cabin.

Wayne completely transformed the Avon Log Cabin into an awesome pub shed, which he called Al’s Bar in tribute to his father. The pub shed has been kitted out with a fully stocked bar, a dartboard, a projector for movie nights and seating for all his family and guests.

In addition, the pub shed doesn’t just get used as an entertainment spot for family and friends. Wayne’s wife Becky also uses the space as an office as she has been working from home since lockdown – how cool, working from a pub shed!

Create a space to enjoy yourself with all your loved ones as Wayne has!

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Ian’s Summer House Sanctuary

Ian had always wanted a summerhouse in his garden; a place that would be good whether enjoying a glass of wine on a hot summer evening or cosy up during cold winters. However, due to his awkwardly shaped garden, he believed that it wasn’t possible. That was before he turned to us and found our Avon 3m x 3m Log Cabin

Ian built his Log Cabin himself, desperately trying to avoid the distractions of his four legged supervisor. It didn’t take him long and, at the end of his patio, gives him a fantastic view of his garden in the summer.

Although meant for Ian and his wife, the families two Dachshunds moved in the moment the doors were attached. They have sunbathed in the Log Cabin every single chance they get ever since.

Are you looking at your garden thinking you can’t enjoy a Log Cabin because you have an awkward garden?

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Naomi and Ben’s Party Pub Shed

Naomi and Ben wanted to bring the empty corner of their garden to life and, as the central party hub of their friends and family, they knew exactly what they wanted – The Dunster House Avon 3m x 5m Log Cabin

An electrician by trade, it didn’t take Ben long to kit his cabin out with a projector, tv, lights and everything his cabin needed to be transformed into a beautiful bar. Like most of our Log Cabins, Ben and Naomi quickly discovered a whole multitude of uses from the Log Cabin. They use it as a sports room, bar, family lounge and a cinema room.

Ben explains how the Log Cabin has opened up his garden, especially since he added a hot tub just outside! They are now just waiting for lockdown restrictions to completely ease so they can invite all their family and friends over.

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John’s Family Garden Room

John had been dreaming of owning a log cabin for many years. When he saw our Severn W5.0m x D3.0m Log Cabin John instantly knew it was the one!

John explains how he built the log cabin by himself. Building it on a pre-existing base for a garage he had removed, it took him only a weekend to build.

The cabin itself started as a Covid friendly space where his wife could work as a therapist from home. However, like many of our customers, John found the garden room soon became so much more. He now uses it as an office space, a playroom for his grandchildren and a family area for everyone to catch up.

Fulfil that log cabin dream like John did – you won’t regret it.

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Emma’s DIY Summerhouse

Emma’s life is a little full on, to say the least. With three malamute dogs, a rebellious cat and a young daughter who shares her adventurous spirit, Emma was in desperate need of additional space.

She did not have a set idea of what she wanted out of her Log Cabin, just that it needed to be large enough for her family and friends to enjoy without taking up too much garden. They found the Avon W3m x D3 Log Cabin, and knew it was perfect for them.

The time-lapse featured in Emma’s customer testimonial shows just how easy our DIY Log Cabins are to build. It took her husband just a few days to build the cabin, with a little help from his four-legged friends.

Emma has turned her Log Cabin into a home cinema; giving her the space she needed to curl up in the evening and watch her favourite film, or simply enjoy a catch up with friends and family?

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Kim’s Nail & Beauty Log Cabin

Kim worked as a mobile technician for years, but the constant travelling and transporting of equipment had started wearing thin. She transformed our Terminator 3m x 2.5m Log Cabin into a chic, stylish nail salon that allowed her to work from home.

Taking just a few days to build, Kim explains that the Terminator Log Cabin has helped her expand her business, while still being able to find time to unwind in the evening. Working from home has given Kim the balance between work and home life that she desperately craved.

Kim talks us through the entire buying journey, from sourcing the Log Cabin to welcoming her first clients. Check out her log cabin and hear what advice she has for anyone thinking of starting their own beauty business.

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Andy and Rose’s Arcade Log Cabin

Andy and Rose give a tour of their Arcade Log Cabin or as they like to call it ‘The Bella and Bertie’. The Terminator 6m x 4m has been complete with a bar, tv, Pacman machine and 3 in 1 gaming table.

Andy and Rose both love entertaining friends over the weekend, but also a family games night during the week, especially after a long day at work. They decided to utilize the space they had available in the garden and introduce a log cabin to which they dedicated to fun and leisure.

Don’t ever think the fun has to stop because the facilities around you are closed or limited, you can always bring it to your doorstep with a log cabin.

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Tim’s Terminator Garden Office

Tim has been working from home due to the pandemic and decided it was best to invest in a log cabin for a home office.

Tim shares his gorgeous Terminator 4m x 3m Log Cabin and even gives a personal tour. Inside he has got a cosy sofa and lounge area that he uses to play the guitar during his lunch or break. On the other side, he has set up an office with his tea making facilities by his side.

Working from home has many pros, but can come with many distractions. As Tim has a small family he felt he needed a space away to focus better but to also find that work-life balance.

Turn working from home to working in the garden with our wide range of log cabins!

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Tim’s Terminator Garden Office

Tim has been working from home due to the pandemic and decided it was best to invest in a log cabin for a home office.

Tim shares his gorgeous Terminator 4m x 3m Log Cabin and even gives a personal tour. Inside he has got a cosy sofa and lounge area that he uses to play the guitar during his lunch or break. On the other side, he has set up an office with his tea making facilities by his side.

Working from home has many pros, but can come with many distractions. As Tim has a small family he felt he needed a space away to focus better but to also find that work-life balance.

Turn working from home to working in the garden with our wide range of log cabins!

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Tony’s Summerhouse

Tony shows his lovely garden and Severn 5m x 3m Log Cabin that has been used for a number of different things.

Tony has had the Severn Log Cabin for around 3 years now, and initially purchased it for his wife to use for her reflexology business. With her career plans then changing slightly later on, the cabin got transformed into a cosy summerhouse.

With lockdown having everyone trapped indoors Tony and his wife used the space to escape whilst his children used it as an arts and crafts room. It was the perfect getaway from the inside of the house.

Start enjoying your garden all year round with a log cabin like Tony’s!

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Dean’s Cinema Log Cabin

Dean recently moved to a new house, and started his renovations in the garden before anywhere else!

Dean’s garden was left with an old outhouse that was completely neglected, and that space really needed some love. As a film producer and movie fanatic Dean transformed the space predominantly into a cinema room and office for his business.

The Vanguard 5m x 6m Log Cabin is a large spacious room that offers many uses to Dean and his family. It is a playroom, dining area, lounge and so much more!

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Gavin’s Garden Lounge

Gavin works full time as an air traffic controller, so transformed his garden into a tranquil place to relax and unwind.

He created a couple of little areas within his garden to escape, but with the UK weather being so unpredictable he then went on to invest in a Terminator 4m x 3m Log Cabin.

Gavin initially had plans for the log cabin to be his man cave, but his little boy came and took over by turning it into his playroom too!

The beauty of a log cabin is that Gavin can now come to the bottom of his garden, no matter what the weather forecast is, and enjoy a movie, drink and just escape.

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Neil’s Pub Shed

Newly retired, and with more time due to Lockdown, Neil transformed our Severn 5m x 3m Log Cabin into ‘The Cock Inn’.

Neil explains how he transformed his under utilised garden with the help of our Cabin which he placed in the bottom of his garden.

Primarily used as a bar; with dart board, wine fridge, hand made bar, TV, and an electric drum set for when Neil needs to ‘bash out his stresses”. When presented with an ad hoc project that requires him to work from home, the Log Cabin also doubles as a working space for Neil when he finds himself needing a change of scenery.

He tells us how he found the buying process, from purchase to construction, along with his plans now restrictions are lifting.

Have you been thinking about adding a Log Cabin to your garden? Or do you long for a pub shed to entertain family and friends?

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Ed’s Garden Office and Music Room

Ed was finding it increasingly difficult to find room in the house to work, despite working from home for years. He added our Helena 5.5m x 2.5m Garden Office to the bottom of his garden. It gives him the best of both worlds, part Garden Office and – in his words – part ‘Man Cave’.

The spacious Garden Office not only has room for a complete office set up but leaves room for his full sized drum kit.

Ed takes us for a tour around his Helena Garden Office, showing us the personal touches he has added such as a Cravens Cottage sign. He also talks us through what his plans for the Garden Office are going forward.

Have you found working from home stressful? Fed up of trying to combat noise, clutter and distraction? Our Garden Offices can transform your life and give you the work/ home life balance you have been craving.

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Mark’s Luxury Garden Office

Mark had always wanted to work from home; he didn’t want to work inside his home anymore as the lines between his work and home life became blurred. He found himself ‘dipping into emails’ in the evening because his laptop was there. He needed a clear distinction between work and home, so found our Titania Garden Office.

He explains why our Titania 3.5m x 2.5m Garden Office stood out for him for all the right reasons, with the features we supply as standard allows him to work comfortably all year round. He takes us on a tour of the additions he has made to his office to make it the ultimate work space for him.

Finding that the Garden Office transformed the rest of his garden, David shows us the additions he has made and how buying our Garden Office has not only changed his work life but his social life too.

Have you always wanted a Garden Office but are not sure where to start? Check out our range of Garden Offices here.

James Cosy Garden Snug

James talks us through his decision to extend his living space as his children grew. With a small garden, he thought his garden would be too small to add anything. A quick visit to our website showed the Avon Log Cabin, and he realised his fears were unfounded.

Showing us around his Avon 2.5m x 2.5m, James explains that he had originally bought the cabin as an area to unwind with his family and friends. However, it wasn’t long until he discovered it made a stylish office too, giving him a quiet place to hold meetings and Zoom calls.

The ‘blank canvas’ effect of the Cabin inspired James and his family to not only decorate their cabin, but the surrounding garden too. He explains how the addition of a Log Cabin has changed how he uses his free time, and how he can’t wait to invite his friends and family over for a garden party unlike any other.

Have you thought of adding a Log Cabin to your garden, but don’t think you have enough space? Find our Log Cabin range here – the filter to the left makes it easy to pick one perfect for your garden.

Kevin and Amanda’s Cabin of Curiosities

Kevin and Amanda worked full time and had a family to run, they were desperately craving a space away from the chaos of their day to day life. The requirements were vast. It had to be large enough to entertain family and friends, whilst keeping a cosy feel for nights where Kevin and Amanda were alone. Kevin explains how he had always wanted a full size pool table and, when they found our Terminator 6m x 4m, it ticked all of his boxes.

Amanda explains it has been a cabinet of entertainment; where they have hosted games nights, quiz nights, movie nights and enjoyed romantic nights too. Amanda further explains how the cabin has changed how they use their garden throughout the year, opening it up during the winter months where they would normally have remained in the house.

Kevin and Amanda explain it as a ‘work in progress’, purely as they keep adding unique decorations and interior design factors to the cabin. You need to see this cabin to believe it!

Why not take the plunge and add that Log Cabin you have been dreaming of to your garden today. Find all our timber Log Cabin range here.

A family night in The Baldwin Bar

Neil talks us through his experience in transforming a run down corner of his garden with our Modetro 5.5m x 3.5m Log Cabin.

When Neil decided to change his careers, he found himself with some time to spare on garden leave. He explains why it was the perfect time to dismantle a decaying old garage, and build his dream Log Cabin Pub. He talks us through the building of his cabin, and how it changed his overall design ideas for the garden.

Neil tells us why, since completing the cabin, it has become so much more than ‘just’ a Log Cabin. It is a bar, a cinema, a games room and a space away from the house.

Have you always wanted your very own pub at the end of the garden? Take the first step and look at our Log Cabin range here.

The Badger Pub Shed

Football fanatic Ian was missing spending his Friday nights at his local pub watching football, so he decided to make his own out of our DaftBadger 4m x 3m Log Cabin. He explains why our corner Log Cabin was the perfect fit for his available space in the garden.

Ian explains why he wanted a corner cabin for his garden, rather than a traditional rectangle shaped Log Cabin. The only ‘plan’ he had for his cabin was that it would have an authentic pub feel but he explains it has taken on a life of its own. Ian talks us through how the Log Cabin seems to have split itself into two distinctive areas.

Whether on his own watching football, or hosting family and friends, the DaftBadger has given Ian’s garden a new lease of life. He explains why he is excited for long summer evenings and cosy winters spent in his new favourite local.

Add a corner Log Cabin to your garden today! Our timber Log Cabin range is available here.

Beauty Cabin

Jo and Kev tell us about their experience buying a 5m x 3m Severn Log Cabin.

Jo explains her aspirations of starting a beauty business, and how she initially planned to run it from her loft.
A close friend of Jo’s enlightened her about Dunster House cabins and how she can run her business from the garden.

Jo visited our Liverpool showroom, and explains how she was immediately sold!
Kev, Jo’s husband, talks about how he single-handedly constructed the cabin in just 2 days!

Jo completely transformed the cabin into her dream and is now the proud owner of ‘Blush Shellac Nails & Beauty’. She tells us how she is confidently able to invite her clients to a beautiful, relaxing environment to receive their treatments.

Have you thought about how a Garden Log Cabin could transform your life?

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Coffee Cabin

Adrian tells us about how he wanted to expand his business with a coffee shop.

Adrian initially discovered Dunster House via our online presence. Having had such a great online experience, Adrian arranged a time to visit our Bedford showroom.

Adrian found it fairly easy to put the cabin together with the instructions provided. He and a couple of family members managed to put the cabin up to roof level in just a day. The cabin was completed a couple days after with all the final touches, ready for business!

Since the cabin has been transformed into the ‘Coffee Cabin’, Adrian has received many compliments and has been asked why he hadn’t done it sooner.

Have you thought about how a Log Cabin could transform your life?

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Photography Studio Cabin

Holly tells us about her Severn Log Cabin, which has allowed her photography business to flourish in all-new directions.

Holly discovered Dunster House online, where she viewed a variety of cabins in all different sizes and styles. Having had such a great online experience, Holly felt confident enough to complete her order online too.

Ever since Holly started to run her photography business from her Severn cabin, she enlightens us on how it has just gone from strength to strength. Holly completely transformed her Severn cabin and personalised it to make it her perfect studio.

Have you thought about how a Log Cabin could transform your life?

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Garden Office

Chrissie tells us about her Theodore Garden Office, which has given her the light and space needed for her jewellery design work.

Chrissie initially ran her business from inside her home, but found herself being distracted by other jobs and chores. Thus, decided that she needed a garden office to be able to get her own personal space to focus.

Once Chrissie had made her purchase, she explains to us how she was extremely impressed with the arrangement of the delivery and the ease of putting the garden office together. The construction of the office was complete in roughly around 5 days by just Chrissie and her husband. She tells us how she found it so straightforward because everything was included.

Have you thought about how a Garden office could transform your life?

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Pet Boarding Cabin

Lucy tells us about her experience buying a Lantera Log Cabin.

Lucy discovered Dunster House online, when searching for her modern log cabin. Having browsed across many websites that sell log cabins, Lucy explains why she chose Dunster House.

The primary reason that Lucy was on the hunt for a log cabin was to create a space for her house rabbits whilst she was away.

Lucy tells us her experience of when her Lantera cabin was delivered. She goes on to explain how easy it was to put up, and gives a couple of tips of what to look out for when installing a cabin.

Now with her Lantera Log Cabin she finds herself not so rushed of her feet in the morning. Lucy also explains how she has split her cabin into two.

Have you thought about how a Garden Log Cabin could transform your life?

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Crafts Cabin

Tracey tells us about her Modetro Log Cabin, which she has transformed into a crafting studio.

Nestled underneath a canopy of trees, it is a truly magical creative space and the perfect place to learn new skills, perfect existing ones and make new friends around the table.

Discover how Tracey made her craft workshop dream come true, in the comfort of her own home.

Have you thought about how a Log Cabin could transform your life?

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