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We use slow-grown spruce timber to make this Brise Soleil.

Yes, you can! Unlike a traditional brise soleil which is often designed with fixed timber slats, we have designed our brise soleil to contain individually adjustable louvre panels. This means that you can freely adjust the amount of shade that your brise soleil provides whenever you need to. You can have the louvre panels open more in the winter to allow more natural light in and closed in the summer to increase solar shading.

A brise soleil is an architectural solar shading feature, often used in modern buildings, that helps control sunlight and heat gain. The term originates from French, meaning "sun breaker" or "sun baffle." Brise soleil can take various forms, but it typically consists of horizontal or angled slats, louvres, or fins installed on the exterior of a building facade. These elements are designed to shade windows and reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering the interior spaces, minimising glare, and heat buildup. A brise soleil can enhance energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial cooling and lighting, while also adding aesthetic appeal to the building's design. Our timber structures are designed to protrude from the face of a building over a large glass elevation such as a window or a rear patio door. These timber Louvre structures cantilever off the face of the building and provide overhead shade for the glass elevation. The structures themselves are made of timber with flat timber slats (louvre panels) built into the structure which can be adjusted when required.

The benefits of a brise soleil are:
  • Solar Shading
  • Glare Reduction
  • Daylighting Optimisation
  • Aesthetic Enhancement
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Privacy and Security
Read our blog to find out more about how a Brise Soleil can benefit you.

The Addroom is a relatively new type of home leisure building, being that it is an alternative to traditional methods of creating additional useful space in your property (e.g. a conservatory), its applicability to building regulations needs some clarification. Conservatories are exempt from building regulations requirements as long as the following apply. • Floor area is less than 30 square metres • Any wall, door or window that separates the dwelling from the conservatory (thermal separation) must not be removed • Heating is not to be extended into the conservatory • Compliant glazing e.g. toughened glass • It is also required to be more than 1 metre from any boundary These exemptions are important to as to not compromise the energy efficiency of the existing building. As the Addroom is an alternative to a traditional conservatory, but intended to be used in the same manner, it should be exempt under the same criteria. It should be noted that as the Addroom is vastly more insulated than a traditional conservatory, it will actually improve the thermal efficiency of the existing building, as well as reducing heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Still not sure? If you require any further information or are in any doubt, please visit the official government website, or contact your local planning authority. Scotland PLEASE NOTE: Please note, Scotland's building regulation rules differ slightly and you may require a Building Warrant prior to installation. If in any doubt, please contact your local council before making a purchase. https://www.mygov.scot/planning-permission https://www.mygov.scot/perm-development-works

If you log in to the customer log in area using an SQ number and originally opted to pay via bank transfer you will not be able to pay online. To pay your outstanding balance you can do so via bank transfer or by calling us (01234 272 445) and making a payment over the phone. If you are making a bank transfer payment, please quote your order reference number.

In the unlikely event that you need to replace components on your product, we should be able to help you! However, under no circumstances are we going to supply any item for customers to change & modify their products from the original design. Dependant on the age of your product, it may mean we are unable to help or supply you with replacements you require. If your product is 7-10 years old, for example, we are more than likely unable to help you. As we have grown as a company our products have followed, we may find it hard to find you on our computer system or we no longer stock/ manufacture the items for your product. But it is always worth checking with us, so pop an email over! In order to have a fully documented clarification of parts that are required, we like to deal with spare parts via email. Contact us at [email protected]. Find out more about which spare parts we can and cannot provide.

One of the many benefits of the SabreBunny is the fact that you can paint the roof in any colour that you choose. We do not provide the paint as painting the SabreBunny is optional*, but should you wish to do so, we recommend an external hard-wearing paint. Please note, we do however recommend that you stick to light colours. Dark colours such as black have the potential to adversely impact the WPC material under extreme heat conditions. Find a colour that blends perfectly with your property and its surroundings. *Please note that unpainted/untreated areas of WPC may differ slightly in colour due to manufacturing processes. Because of this, paint may be required to address variations in panel colours but this is subject to personal preference.

  The Candy Cart wheels are static and not designed to turn as they are load bearing. This product is meant to be a decorative piece, perfect as a feature in a garden, or as a display unit in a shop or at an exhibition.  

  This Candy Cart is made from a mixture of slow-grown spruce timber and WPC (wood polymer composite).  

  This Candy Cart can be painted to suit your style. It is provided unpainted/untreated.  

  This product starts from &pound $price$