Are you unsure about what happens when we deliver our products? Get more insight from our FAQs.

If you log in to the customer log in area using an SQ number and originally opted to pay via bank transfer you will not be able to pay online. To pay your outstanding balance you can do so via bank transfer or by calling us (01234 272 445) and making a payment over the phone.

If you are making a bank transfer payment, please quote your order reference number.

Keep an eye on the ‘last updated’ status as this will give you an indication as to what location the driver is in. Make a judgement according to that status as you don’t want to find that you have gone out and missed the delivery, as you will still be charged.

Typically any delivery drop off can take between ten minutes to two hours, depending on what that customer has purchased. If you find that the vehicle icon hasn’t moved on the map, the best thing to do is to check the ‘last updated’ status. Generally, this will show the last time the system was updated by the location, however, signals can sometimes be lost from the driver’s tracker. Please continue to refresh the system, as it will update as soon as the signal is picked up on the tracker again.

All delivery vehicles are loaded with multiple orders, meaning there may be another customer local to you that is having their goods delivered too. Please don’t worry if this is the case, this may simply mean that your product is being delivered later on that day.