Search our commonly asked questions to find out how to reach us if you have an issue with your product or our service.

In the unlikely event that you need to replace components on your product, we should be able to help you! However, under no circumstances are we going to supply any item for customers to change & modify their products from the original design.

Dependant on the age of your product, it may mean we are unable to help or supply you with replacements you require. If your product is 7-10 years old, for example, we are more than likely unable to help you. As we have grown as a company our products have followed, we may find it hard to find you on our computer system or we no longer stock/ manufacture the items for your product. But it is always worth checking with us, so pop an email over!

In order to have a fully documented clarification of parts that are required, we like to deal with spare parts via email. Contact us at [email protected].

Find out more about which spare parts we can and cannot provide.