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wooden climbing frames
Features of a Dunster House Climbing Frame

What are the features of a Dunster House Climbing Frame?


  1. Building
  2. Pressure Treatment
  3. Safety
  4. Swings
  5. Climbing Walls
  6. Slides



monkeyfort woodland climbing frame dunster house

Our in-house designers are responsible for all of the unique features that are incorporated into every Dunster House play system. Every design is exclusive to us, so you won't find them anywhere else in the UK (we do export to many overseas trade customers). We are a family run company and every one of the play systems we sell is made in one of the family’s own factories, so we can ensure that quality control is tightly managed.





screws with plastic bag

All of our play systems are designed to be built by competent DIYers with a basic set of tools and ideally a power screwdriver. They come complete with all of the fixtures and fittings you need to build them and a full set of comprehensive, easy to follow instructions.



Pressure Treatment


climbing frame platform

Our climbing frames are built using pre-cut pressure treated timber, which allows us to offer a lengthy, 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation. An advantage to buying one of our pressure treated climbing frames over a competitor is the minimal maintenance needed for a Dunster House climbing frame. To find out about maintaining our climbing frames please click here



Safety Features


green round safety cap on climbing frame

Our entire range is independently tested to comply with European Safety Standard EN71 and is CE rated. This means that our climbing frames have been tested to ensure there are no trapped heads, limbs, fingers or toggles during playtime. Which is why our climbing frames are for children aged 3 years onwards. We even include rounded safety caps so that you can cover the nuts and bolts to reduce the chance of injury. It's better to be safe than sorry! Each climbing frame is packed with amazing features to keep your mind at ease.




dunster house climbing frame seat

Our swings use a 10mm thick rope, pre-knotted to provide extra grip, reducing the chance of trapping little fingers and hair compared to metal swing chains. The other bonus to rope swings is that there's no chance of rust! For your own peace of mind, and longevity of your climbing frame, we use clamp style hooks to connect the swings to the timber frame, this avoids splitting the timber.

professional climbing stones on climbing frame wallWe are passionate about providing you with a long lasting climbing frame, with all the use it will get it's important that the features will last. This is why all of the climbing stones on our climbing frames are professional quality. This is much better than the moulded plastic climbing stones found on some climbing frames which are prone to crack.




wave slide climbing frame

When you go to the park there's always a queue for the slide, so we know your slide will get plenty of use at home, which is why we provide a thick and durable plastic slide with our climbing frames.
climbing frame sand boxThere are many more fantastic features on our climbing frames, from wavy climbing walls, picnic tables to sandpits and monkey bars, please see individual products for more information. To ensure a really solid structure we use multiple braces for added strength. We also prefer to use bolts, rather than screws, at key stress points. Any bolt holes are prepared at the point of manufacture.


For further information on our play systems please see our wooden climbing frame range.



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